Is Pres. George Weah really a sportsman?
Martin K. N. Kollie writes…
This is an indoor arena. The Kigali Arena was built in 2019 mostly to host basketball matches. Pres. Paul Kagame spent US$104 million to build this arena.
In 2017, Pres. George Weah promised to build 7 mini stadia or stadiums in 7 counties. The cost to build a mini stadium is between US$$1.189 million and US$6 million according to FIFA.
The government of president Weah is yet to build a single stadium after more than 3 years in power, but we’ve spent a total of US$38.8 million on Pres. Weah’s office alone (Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs). Here’s my proof as captured in this breakdown:
1) 2018/2019 Fiscal Year – US$18,265,476
2) 2019/2020 Fiscal Year – US$9,714,372
3) 2020/2021 Fiscal Year – US$10,861,046
4) Total in 36 months just for one office – US$38,840,894
Reference: Budget Code 102, Page 10, 2020/2021 Approved National Budget.
Important Note: First Lady Clar Weah also has US$700k this fiscal year when a licensed Liberian pharmacist is receiving US$400 whole month. So, Clar’s office is receiving US$58,333 per month. Aren’t Liberians still very poor? Pro-Poor or Pro-Rich? I am just asking.
Is Pres. Weah really a sportsman? Did he actually come to serve or to steal? Congressman Chris Smith and Cllr. Jerome J. Verdier were right went they described GMW as a “kleptocrat” whose appetite for illicit wealth is so high.
Pres. Weah, where is our 7 stadia or stadiums according to your PAPD? This appears to be another promise betrayed. No one should tell me about Tusa Field because it was done by FIFA and initiated under EJS.
What has this government done on its own relative to sports? The youth and sports ministry is DEAD under Min. Zeogar Wilson. Imagine if this Kigali Arena was built in Liberia by ex-Soccer Star George M. Weah, we wouldn’t have heard in our ears until 2023.
But we are watching them with an eagle’s eye.
I am just about to step out on this Easter Sunday. I might not come back home until Sunday and Monday can intersect perpendicularly. Chairman Doedeh Abraham and comrade Vandalark R. Patricks know what I am saying. Haha.
Cheers to you and your family on this lovely Easter Sunday. I love all of you but I love Liberia more.
Activist Martin K. N. Kollie writes from exile..


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