With his hired microphone in his hands, the punchinello is en route to inferno – Julius Jeh mistook an anaconda for a pet – Part 2

Martin K. N. Kollie writes….

Julius Jeh, this is not a war of guns. It is a war of ideas. It is called intellectual welfare in the realm of intelligentsia. The American socialite Claudia Alta Johnson was succinct when she said, “The clash of ideas is the sound of freedom.” The Hegelian Paradigm as postulated by the German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, posits that history moves through the clash of ideas.

Tell no lie, Jeh, because your crafty retreat is a shrewd attempt to assuage existing bruises and looming afflictions. History has no space for your antics and cheap tactics. It is arrogance and false knowledge that have crash-landed you into such inferno. False knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance according to the Irish Playwright George Bernard Shaw.

Must we have clemency on a pro-government hired microphone that distorts, misinforms, and disinforms? A lackey like Jeh who often feeds on regime’s largesse deserves no empathy because he is junkie of a journalist. Journalists are not and should not be crumb-gatherers and regime puppets. Journalism is a noble profession that guarantees democracy and freedom. As such, a jerk like Jeh should be a pariah of this profession by now. His esurient appetite to guzzle from Tweah and hustle on Tweahway is impish and reprehensible.

In your outburst of a response, you promised to “…..rest, bath, eat, and drink first before responding to me” but it seems like such sleep has hurled you into coma. Have you ever wondered why a so-called “Chevening Scholar with an M.Sc. in Education Policy since 2018” would prefer sitting behind a hired microphone than to offer services at MOE or NCHE? Have you ever wondered why he brags about being “The Most Educated Journalist” in Liberia even though he does not have an intermediate certificate in journalism or mass communication? Because his pay-to-play microphone pays him more than an Assistant Minister, and perhaps a Deputy Minister, at the Ministry of Education and in most public agencies. Jeh is a waged stooge of the rogue regime. Isn’t this a public information? Of course, it is! He gets paycheck from both the NPA and the Ministry of Finance.

Now, let me deal with what he has already deleted? It is too late, Jeh. With your hired microphone in your hands, your voluntary surrender has rendered you as a punchinello en route to inferno. Of course you are a short and comic puppet en route to destruction. You know why? Because the over US$4,000 that you receive every month for useless pro-regime PR should be diverted to procuring needed drugs and medical supplies for JFK Memorial Hospital. For you, the wellbeing of the masses doesn’t matter; it is your pocket that matters. But you’ve reached your waterloo. There will be no clemency for you.

Let me start with your so-called “novel” that you are planning to publish. Technology has made it faster and easier to discover FRAUD especially academic fraud. It is criminal to pretend that “The Journey to a New Beginning” is your book. This is the work of Donald F. Hadley (Author) and Curtis Verstraete (Author, Editor) – June 16, 2008 (Link: https://www.amazon.com/Journey-Meaning-Creating-Business-Dreams/dp/0973107359). You dishonestly chose to add “a New”. That’s all. The content of your so-called “book” is a paraphrase of Donald F. Hadley’s work. You must be a career plagiarist who often indulges in sophism and solecism.

What can you write? What do you know how to write? What have you written? Your emptiness will be exposed because you are an academic nobody. Next time, you should know your limits. We are not peers. When you were still begging for money to buy battery for your recorder as a “carto junkie of a journalist”, I was writing Situational and Technical Reports (SITREP) and generating Statistical and Demographic Analyses through the ProGReS Database for the United Nations as a junior staff and this was at age 21. I have not said this before but I am constrained to do so. You only know me on Facebook as an exiled Liberian activist.

So, when I heard you the other time saying that “the man is inexperienced. He has no professional background and work history”, I just laughed out loud. I have also worked for the Carter Center as a Regional Coordinator and a UN Volunteer (UNV) as well. I will find time to put an end to this other noise of “the man has no professional work experience”. Jeh, you do not know me and I don’t go around making noise because these things are more personal. Our main focus is the People’s Struggle.

After miserably failing, the government cannot face us on the real and pertinent issues. So, their futile strategy is to create unnecessary distraction. Jeh, you are too little to be a distraction. I can deal with 100 of your kind and at the same time deal with the government. I am putting an end to your showboating and fly-kiting.

Why did you delete your initial write-up that is flooded with inaccuracies and zigzagged logic? You do no even know simple preposition but you boast of scholarship every day. Next time, you should write, “…lesson of the ages..” and not “…lesson for the ages…”. What are you saying here: “….to reveal with evidence and to reveal evidently…”? Haha. A weakling like you is not even fit to be a journalist.

You do not even know when, where, and how to use infinitives and common commas. Mr. so-called “Chevening Scholar”, your condition is too grave and pathetic. I suggest that you seek admission in a re-education camp. The writing competition is still up. Jeh, where art thou? “Numquid ingressus es coma” which means in English from Latin “Have you gone into coma”? Ehn y’all say I only got one degree? You will know what put water in coconut. Must we have clemency on a clandestine Jeh for pocketing what belongs to THE PEOPLE?

First, I cautioned you not to take an anaconda for a pet because I thought you were innocent of what you were getting into. This is a warning and this warning has rendered you as “a punchinello en route to inferno”.

In Part 3, your neck will be placed under the intellectual guillotine for final beheading like it was done during the French Revolution in 1789. An intellectual rookie like you who sings praises to a rogue regime is a rascal also. No clemency for you, Jeh, because you mistook an anaconda for a pet.

Key words for younger comrades:

1) punchinello – is a short, naughty, and comical man.

2) Inferno – is the final place of destruction.

My lunch break has ended. I see you in Part 3.

Activist Martin K. N. Kollie writes from exile….


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