LDEA Officer Allegedly Rapes And Impregnates A 14-Year Old In Margibi

An officer of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA), identified as Tony Y. Flomo age, 33, has allegedly impregnated a 14-year-old girl in Gwekpolosue, Weamaquelleh Clan along the Kakata-Bong Mine Highway in Margibi County.

Information gathered by this Paper says the LDEA officer has been having affair with the girl thus resulting to pregnancy.

Officer Tony and the survivor along with their families reside in Gwekpolosue, where the act was allegedly committed.

It is reported that the survivor is two months pregnant and the officer admitted that he is responsible for the pregnancy.

It has further been established that when the medical report revealed that the girl was pregnant, her family reported the matter to local officials of the area including the Town and the Clan Chiefs.

Mr. Edwin K. Naimah, Clan Chief of Weamaquelleh Clan speaking to newsmen recently disclosed that he got a call from the Town Chief of Gwekpolosue on January 4, 2021 informing him that the family of the teenage girl filed a complain against the LDEA officer of impregnating their daughter but he as a Town Chief could not investigate the matter because it was above him thus forwarding it to his (Edwin Naimah) office.

Mr. Naimah furthered that upon his arrival in the Town he invited all parties involved to ascertain some information at which time the survival alleged that officer Tony Y. Flomo used to sexually harassing her until they fell in love, something that resulted to pregnancy.

Considering the case as a “rape case” that is above his jurisdiction, Mr. Naimah said that he contacted the County Security Officer, Ocarleus Subah and the Assistant Commissioner of Police in the County, Sylvester Hina regarding the situation.

The Clan Chief added that the Margibi Police boss further informed the LDEA Boss, Kpehe Lomax about the alleged action of one of his officers.

He explained that Mr. Lomax having being informed about the situation moved into the Town at which time he (Mr. Naimah) relayed the information to him on grounds that the case was above him as Clan Chief.

Mr. Naimah narrated that after informing Mr. Lomax the LDEA Boss told him that he Kpehe hold on to the case and since the accused is an LDEA officer he will have him arrested and sit with the family on Wednesday to discuss the issue but he did not return as promised.

Mr. Naimah said Mr. Lomax went in the Town after several days and collected the officer’s uniform and other related materials issued him by the LDEA and has since not return to the Town.

Additionally, Mr. Naimah disclosed that few days later the accused returned to his Boss and said his parents and the parents of the survival have compromised the case. And as such, he went for reinstatement but his Boss instructed him to produce document bearing the signatures of the citizens authenticating that the case has been resolved or compromised.

The Clan Chief asserted that the accused took the document to them as local Chiefs indicating that his Boss requested him to carry a document bearing their signatures that the case is being compromised and thereafter, he will be reinstated, but he (Edwin Naimah) and others rejected the document.

When contacted, the Commander of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency Margibi Detachment, Kpehe Lomax admitted receiving the complaint from the County Police Commander and immediately launched a preliminary investigation.

He said after the local leadership of the area filed in the complaint, he met with the families of both parties and the survival explained that she and Tony have been in relationship and that medical checkup proved that she was two months pregnant for him.

“Tony and myself we started loving already, so it was one time I asked Tony I say the thing where you and myself doing when pregnancy come from there because I was loving to one boy but my ma say I mon move from behind that boy and I not behind that boy na that you and myself doing thing, when anything come from there like pregnancy I hope you mon agree oh! Tony say uhmmm; but how you and myself will be together, I love t you then I will not agree, I agree to anything you want to tell me.”

So that was how, according to the girl, she use to go to Tony place she sleep there, she use to go to Tony family place she sleep; some evening Tony father use to see her there. So it was one time she went to the clinic to check herself that how the result came that she was pregnant for two months she went back to Tony ehn ok the thing I use to be telling you it happen now I pregnant for you, Tony say but you think I will deny it.” Those were the words of Margibi LDEA Boss, Kpehe Lomax quoting the 14-year-old alleged rape survival.

According to the LDEA Boss, he told the family that since they want to compromise the issue he will deal with his officer thereby requesting for the officer’s key adding that he collected the officer’s uniform and other related materials belonging to the Agency.

Not only that, Mr. Lomax said he jailed the officer for two days and later suspended him, but could not show any suspension letter to the media.

He further denied sending the officer with a document for signing, but said

after the officer recently went to his (Lomax) office informing him that the family of the survival have compromised the issue with him, he (Lomax) instructed the officer to get document signed by the citizens and the local leadership of the area to authenticate his assertion that the case is being compromised.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lomax said he also informed their head office about the issue but his Bosses told him that the officer should remain on stand-down.

Efforts made by this writer to hear from the survival’s family proved fruitless as they continue to hide themselves while the survival refused to speak to the media.

The accused also escaped the Town after hearing that Journalists had gone to do a Journalistic investigation into the issue.

Credit: News Public Trust

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