Government Rejects The 15,000k From Senator Dillon!
Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) said they will not received fifteen thousand United States dollars (15,000k)check from Senator Abraham Darius Dillon for the purpose of implementing a Library project in Montserrado County
According to LACE, it has come to its attention that Senator Dillon publicly stated that he would transfer his fifteen thousand United States dollars check to the entity to undertake a public Library projects for the people montserrado county
The debate is intensifying over the 15k initial rejection by the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE). Dr. Kimmie Weeks hours after the publication on social media by LACE wrote this:
“I am surprised and taken aback by this press release from LACE in which they state that they cannot take funds from individuals to support the work LACE is doing. I am particularly confused since the act establishing LACE clearly states in Section 50B.24. (???? that the agency can receive funds not only from the national government but also from development partners and the community at large. It goes on to define development partners as: “local and international donors to the social funds or activities hereunder…”
Folks, when individuals including Senators give a donation are they not locals donors? There is nowhere in the act that forbids the entity from accepting donations from Liberians or international partners. In fact, the LACE act states in 50B.27:
“The Government of Liberia, Development Partners and the community at large shall provide Funding for the Agency.”
Did the folks at LACE not read the statute establishing the agency before writing that release?
We need to stop playing with Liberia ????????


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