Liberia: Cummings Vows to Defeat Pres. Weah: The Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, has vowed to make President George Weah a one-term president. He made the remarks over the weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the ANC-Global Convention.

“In 2023, we will be running for President against President Weah, and our objective collectively, is to defeat President Weah in the first round of balloting and make President Weah a One-term President,” Cummings confidently said in a press release.
In his remarks, Cummings stressed the need for Liberians to unite and work together to change Liberia as Liberia needs all Liberians, “Poverty and hardship are respecters of no man. It does not matter what your age is, your tribe, your gender, your region, or your religion.”

Speaking to hundreds of partisans and supporters over the weekend, the ANC flagbearer said that 2023 should not only be about replacing President Weah but about replacing a system that has not worked for the benefit of all Liberians.

It should therefore be about electing someone with a proven track record of setting up functional systems because when the system works, everybody benefits. He furthered that the results of the 2023 election will either make or break Liberia. He urged Liberians to resist the temptation of using division as a means to achieving political power because no one chooses where she is born, in what religion, tribe, gender, or region.

“Using differences we have no control over to divide ourselves is destructive and only keeps us to where we are – the oldest Republic on the continent and one of the 10 poorest countries in the world,” Cummings explained.
The recently-elected Standard Bearer of the ANC used the occasion to advise partisans and supporters to be message disciplined and to shift their focus to the failures of President Weah and his incompetent administration while prioritizing the message of real change for Liberia.

“Liberia and Liberians are ready for change,” he said.

The Mayor of Helena, Montana, a Liberian native, Wilmot J. Collins, served as Convention Speaker. In his remarks, he strongly propositioned Liberians to take very seriously the decisions leading to 2023 as it is a defining moment in the history of Liberia. He declared support for Mr. Cummings’ Presidential Candidacy for 2023, as a real change candidate.

The ANC Standard Bearer said he returns to Liberia this week to “shift his attention to Weah” and to ensure a 2023 Liberian people victory for Real Change. The ANC press release was signed by its Director of Communication Mulbah K. Yorgbor, Jr.


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