A Minister who is not satisfied leaked this to me. Wow. Weah is too greedy and monocratic.

“Good day Martin! Yesterday, the Gender Minister Piso Tarr Saydee held a meeting at her office inviting all female Government officials in top positions for this cause: each person is to pay between US$200 and US$500 as contribution to the President’s Birth Day Celebration which began yesterday at the Party’s Headquarters.

Failure to pay could lead to suspension or termination. This has been the norm since he took control as President. The meeting was held at Gender Ministry and I’m sharing this with you because I trust you.

President Weah Birth Day Gift Cash by Officials of Government:

1) $500 each × 23 Active Ministers
2) $250 each × 78 Active Deputy Ministers
3) $200 each × 116 Active Assistant Ministers
4) $250 each x 28 Active Ambassadors
5) $200 × 120 Active Deputy Chiefs of Mission

Meeting held at Piso’s Office. We have not added the lower Officials…$100 Contribution. It’s mandatory!”

Weah’s appetite for illicit wealth and money is too high. The zero man in GMW is more concerned about his birthday while Liberians are dying and suffering every day. How can you even be fighting COVID-19 and celebrating birthday? LIBERIA is in TROUBLE.

Activist Martin K. N. Kollie writes…


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