The Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Public Works, with funding from the Swedish Government, and technical support from the German Cooperation for International Development ( GIZ) through the GIZ Capacity Development in the Road Sector, has announced the Village Track Access Road Project targeting three Counties Bong, Lofa, and Nimba which will be launched subsequently in Bong County, on December 10, 2021, giving way for the construction of 300kilometers. Bong 70km, Lofa 100km, and Nimba 130km of track roads.

The Project outcome or purpose involves the improvement of access roads which has brought about the maintenance of Feeder Roads.

The Village Track Access Road Project consists of upgrading 20km of footpaths which includes two-three- Wheeler motorcycle tracks in Bong County with the establishment of three (3) Communities Based Organizations ( CBO) as Sub-contractors.

The footpath upgrading project is an endeavor to further improve rural access and enhance community-driven development initiatives as a complementary effort to the existing feeder roads network throughout Liberia.

The Project serves as a larger collaboration between MPW, SIDA, GIZ, WHH, and Swansea University to further establish evidence of impact and the development of a track construction manual for local and middle-level technicians’ reference documents.

This endeavor follows documentation of evidence of increased impact from an initial pilot project undertaken by GIZ, Global Communities, Swansea University, and LIDA in 2016, in Nimba County.


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