The National Elections Commission (NEC) has submitted a US$91,958,547.72 budget to the national legislature for the biometric system to conduct voter registration and elections for the 2023 legislative and Presidential elections.
The draft budget, which was submitted to the legislature on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, during the House’s regular session, is under the signature of Davidetta Browne Lansanah, head of the National Election Commission. The draft budget was separately submitted to the Honorable House of Representatives and the Liberian Senate.
In the letter sent to the house, the NEC boss is quoted as saying, “I convey compliments on behalf of the National Elections Commission (NEC), and in keeping with Section 11.2 of the election law, herewith submit the budget for the 2023 Presidential and legislative elections for consideration and approval.”
According to the draft budget, the biometric voter registration pilot project allotment is US$3,968,304.8, biometric voter registration, US$29,680,200.0, public information, US$795,590, geographic information system, US$561,932.4, data center, US$3,442,340, civil voter education activities, US$6,881,655, gender voter education, US$1,308,510, election 2023, US$16,560,425.4, presidential run-off election, US$12,062,333, operations (headquarters), US$8,932,053.5, operation (field), US$3,454,682.8, personnel and related expenditure, US$3,838,680, and monitoring and evaluation, US$471,840.5.
The draft budget also contained the estimated population, eligible voters, estimated polling places and precincts, maximum voters per polling place, maximum voters per polling precinct, registration teams, NEC headquarters, and counties and magistrate offices.
Following the reading of the communication, a motion was made by Margibi County Representative Ivan Jones to turn over the NEC draft budget to the House’s Joint Committee on Ways, Means and Finance, Public Account, and the Executive for proper review and reporting back to plenary for prompt legislative action.


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