Liberia’ NPA in Bad Financial State as Employees’ Benefits Stopped and Salaries Delay

The once-flourishing National Port Authority (NPA) under past governments, now lies in a ‘terrible financial state’ under Weah’s Managing Director Bill Tweahway.

Employees’ accounts coupled with cogent documents has unveiled several financial misappropriations at the entity. According to our investigation, the deliberate action by Md. Tweahway to bypass financial laws, have strangulated the entity

thus making it unable to fulfill its financial obligations to debtors and its numerous employees.

Some employees who spoke with the AM news said benefits allotted to them have been stopped with salaries delay for months.

Although every effort to get clarities from the entity’ Management has failed as they remain tightlipped on the matter, employees further said the amount of US$4 Million that Md. Tweahway allowed for the construction of the Port’ Head Office was overstated.




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