Liberia Pays Partial Debt to the African Union (AU): The Government of Liberia President George Weah, have paid about 1M united states dollars out of a total of 1.6M to the AU as at today Tuesday the 15th of Sept. Intel coming out of Addis, shows the advance payment is been done to allow the government return to the committee of Nations at the AFRICAN UNION, to which Liberia was a founding member.

Liberia Pays Partial Debt

For several months prior to the relegation of the Nation’s statues to OBSERVERSHIP, Liberia was put on notice severally to have her obligations met until the news blew up the Nation through the news article by KNEWSONLINE, the government had not considered an obligation to the AU as a priority, instead played deaf ears and blind ears to international diplomacy and showed the world we had no priority to foreign policies.

With the advance and Partial payment completed, will Liberia be considered for reentry or shall remain on the waiting list till full clearance of dent is completed or she shall be considered for her motherly role and given her statues back as a full member is yet to be known

Other hurdles remain outstanding that the Present government will have to cross as soon as possible, which is the appointment of an Ambassador to the AU, as Liberia have over one year not taken a seat, nor participated in the ongoing at the African Union, we are also far back in terms of mandatory reporting on various sectoral reports that have deadlines and have not been met for a while now.

The country and her people stand to lose so much by remaining an observer Nation, the citizens would not be able to apply for any advertised positions vacant and could be filled by Liberians, not be able to access continental founding even through the continental banking institutions, it cannot, for instance, sue a sister country or negotiate continental agreements, she runs a big chance of just not voting, but have her voice heard when the need arises, the merits far outweighs the demerits,

The Action thus far taken to correct the catastrophe of being relegated, is, a good one and pertinent at this time, ability to not have it repeat itself is extremely one the country cannot afford to see happen again, Liberians are Proud people with love for correctness, it is still important to call for an investigation, to know how it all went bad under the administration of Former Minister Findley.

Relatively, it must be noted here and now, it does not seem the foreign policy blunders are going to be over soon, as there are still so many institutions Liberia is obligated to and with the heat rising from the United States of America, it is high time the National Government begin to show greater seriousness to what is unfolding around her and far as well.

A significant area of interest for Liberia today, should be the monitoring of her borders most especially with the regards to elections in Guinea and the Ivory Coast, with huge violence unfolding, not only are these countries boiling point, but also Liberia with her midterm elections coming up and have seen violence in Montserrado, Nimba and now Cape mount, as the re-registration for the midterm elections have begun to show serious signs of huge violence, which is no good sign for the striving democracy of Liberia.

Liberia Pays Partial Debt



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