His Excellency George Manneh Weah

Sunday, August 2, 2020

My Fellow Liberians, like many of you I am deeply concerned by the intemperate language, undue verbal provocations, and acts of violence that have crept into our politics in the last several weeks.

I am particularly outraged by the violent mob attacks on political leaders, notably, Alexander B. Cummings, Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties, and former Presidential Candidate of the Alternative National Congress, Hon. Yeah, Kolubah, Member of the House of Representatives, and their entourage, which happened on Thursday, July 30, in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.

As much as one can reasonably expect that, as we approach the senatorial elections towards the end of the year, the political temperature may rise due to intense competition, it is important for all of us to note that in the exercise of our democratic rights in Liberia, violent acts and incendiary language have no place in our polity. Our collective past should make this obvious to us.

The rights to freedom of movement and peaceful assembly — essential conditions for credible elections — are fully protected in the Liberian Constitution and are crucial for the good health of our fledgling democracy. I have mandated the Ministry of Justice to ensure a full and impartial investigation and hold those found culpable accountable for their actions.

Liberia is a culturally and politically pluralistic society. Consequently, it is important that we establish a culture of courtesy, tolerance, and respect for each other.

liberiaIt is common knowledge that I devoted a substantial part of my life, serving this country and humanity in various capacities to consolidate and expand peace, not the least as a UN Ambassador and Ambassador for Peace in Liberia.

As President of Liberia, I have happily committed myself to safeguard the peace and the Constitution of this country and have reiterated my commitment to this service as late as during the State of the Nation Address earlier this year. I therefore strongly condemn all acts of violence, divisive rhetoric, hate and inflammatory speech that have the propensity to further polarise our society, exacerbate deep-seated intergroup grievances and undermine our hard-won peace and stability.

I invite all peace-loving citizens and residents in our nation to join me and my government, as well as all political stakeholders, to work together constructively towards the establishment of mechanisms of dialogue and positive interaction, which would ensure that our political competition is conducted in a non-violent manner.

As we work together to build an all-inclusive, peaceful, and prosperous society, I particularly welcome the contribution of our international partners who have always accompanied us on our journey of nation-building.

Long Live Liberia!



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