Liberian Community In Ivory Coast Alarms Over Conspicuous Security Threats MONROVIA, April 27 (LINA) – The Liberian Community in neighboring Ivory Coast has decried the current security status of Liberians living in that country since the killing of three men supposed to be  Liberian nationals who allegedly launched an armed attack on a military barrack in that country. A communication from the National President of the Liberian Community in Cote d’Ivoire Adam Fahnlon Gweemei addressed to the Foreign Ministry in Liberia said Ivorian security forces are currently pursuing peaceful Liberians through a door to door search in communities where Liberians are believed to be dwelling.

“Right now the Ivorian Government security is moving from house to house to arrest peaceful Liberians that are living here for many years doing their normal businesses and working,” the communication noted. The Author of the communication lamented that the security situation of Liberians in that West African country is becoming deploring on a daily basis to an extent that Liberians can no longer go about their normal activities.

He added that Liberians have been intimidated, harassed and even incarcerated by members of the Ivorian security forces since the occurrence of the alleged armed attack on the military barrack in Ivory Coast. “Words are inadequate to express exactly what we are going through. Our families are going through a lot of difficulties as we Liberians are been searched for everywhere in this nation. The remaining of us who are still alive is in hiding,” Gweemei wrote.

Gweemei called on the Liberian Government through the Liberian Embassy in Ivory Coast to provide some sort of protection for Liberians living in that country. He urged the two governments as well as both nationals to maintain the good relations that exist between the two countries for the betterment of the two neighbors and people. Meanwhile, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) denounced and condemns any act which disrupts the peace of its neighbors and the region as a whole.

The government in a statement issued recently, reiterates its commitment to ensuring that no inch of its territory is used as a launch pad for insurrection. It said that the Government of Liberia has initiated contacts with its Ivorian counterpart in order to determine the full extent of the reported incident. Additionally, both governments have committed to strengthening the joint border surveillance mechanism. “The administration of President George M. Weah has worked tirelessly to build on the sisterly relationship the country has with the Cote d’ Ivoire, including the President’s personal connections with Ivorian leaders,” the MICAT release asserted.

The Liberian government recognizes that conflict in any of the Mano River Union countries doesn’t serve the best interest of Liberia. President Weah has therefore announced his intention to shortly dispatch a delegation to Cote d’Ivoire to meet with the Ivorian authorities.



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