Liberian Passport On Banjo

A 100% topnotch source at MOFA wrote me this morning and said:

“Martin, I trust you because you’ve never exposed your source. You’ve been very confidential. But here’s what going on at our ministry. They are selling passports again to foreign nationals in huge quantity. This time around mostly to Nigerians and Ghanaians. They are even selling diplomatic passports. I have a lot of proofs but let me just share these few with you. Something has to be done about this.”

Fellow Liberians, they are not just selling your passports but they are selling your sovereignty and self-worth. The GbehzohngarGate is still fresh on our minds. No one was handcuffed and jailed. So, the ‘passport banjo’ continues.

Our passport has lost value because it has been used to facilitate money laundering and terrorist financing. There are limits on our travel freedom because of such scam. SAD times indeed😢

Fellow Liberians, if we don’t vote those criminals out in 2023, we will be asleep one day and they will sell our country.

And they gave them way up to 2026 too ooo. Wow. Chey Liberia 😢. Welcome to Weah’s Liberia. A tragedy on replay. Please go through these passports.

Rogue Regime. Killer Government. Mafia State. Banana Republic. Zombie Nation. Junta Judiciary. Corrupt Legislature. Zero President.

Facebook NOTE: I do not own copyrights to these photos. They are intended to expose bad governance and promote public accountability.

Activist Martin K. N. Kollie writes from exile..


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