Liberty Party Suspends its Political LeaderSen. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence over Failure to pay US$18K in Dues

SINKOR-DECEMBER 7, 2021-WTVNEWS: The opposition Liberty Party has with immediate effect suspended its Political Leader, Sen. Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence for what the party called failure to pay her dues in the tone eighteen thousand ($18,000.00) United States Dollars in dues.
The amount as stipulated in a Liberty Party’s release covered the period January to December 2021.
The suspension letter signed by the party’s chairman Musa Bility revealed that the National Treasurer’s report reflects that the Political Leader, Sen. Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence is not in good standing as defined by Article (ix) of the LP’s Constitution.

“The National Treasurer’s report on Liberty Party official’s dues obligation and payment reflects that you are not an official in good standing as defined by article ix of the LP Constitution”.
Article (ix) states that “Persons accepted as members of the party shall pay a monthly membership fee as may from time to time beset by the NEC members in good standing are members whose membership dues are fully current and up to date, members who are not in good standing shall not be allowed to hold any office within the party and if such member holds a position in the party, elected or appointed, he or she shall be suspended from the office by the NEC until he or she shall have resumed the status of good standing if after three months such member is still delinquent He or She shall be permanently removed from the office and may also be expelled from the office.

The Communication noted that the LP National Executive Committee met on November 20, 2021, in Ganta City Nimba County, approved and invoked article ix for officials not in good standing by sending a reminder letter about her status of financial obligations.
The party’s communication further added that on November 22, 2021, a letter was sent to Sen. Lawrence indicating the balance owed on her account as United States Dollars 1,500 per month representing a total of USD $18,000 covering the period January to December 2021.

“As per the Constitution, you have nine days to bring your account current thereby putting you in good standing and leave the position reinstated, upon the expiry of the ninety (90) days period, if the remedy is not made, you may be permanently expelled from your position”.
The party indicated that several reminder letters were sent to the political leader to settle her financial obligations but Sen Lawrence refused to settle her financial status nor has she responded to the communication from the party.

Sen. Karnga-Lawrence is yet to comment on the matter as revealed by her Political party.
“On December 1, 2021, the LP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) approved the suspension of officials not in good standing, however in deference to the office of the political leader, the NEC accepted on your suspension pending a second reminder sent to enable you to remedy the delinquency.
On December 2, 2021, a second letter was sent, to date, you have not remedied the delinquency nor have you responded to either communication given above”.

The party through the NEC approved the suspension of its political leader Sen Lawrence and others on December 6, 2021
“As such by directive of the NEC, and consistent with article ix, you are hereby informed that you are suspended from your position as Political Leader and Legislative Caucus Member on the PL leadership”.


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