LNBA Submits Draft Bill On War, Economic Crimes Court To Legislature: MONROVIA, June 28 (LINA) – The Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) has submitted a draft bill on the proposed war and economic crime court to the National Legislature for a speedy passage. Speaking on the grounds of the Capitol Building, the President of the LNBA, Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe, said the Bar Association as an exercise of its social responsibility has drafted a bill in order for Liberia to not remain a fragile state. “We have come to you today to submit to you, for your honorable consideration, a draft bill for the creation of a war and economic crimes court as recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC),” L NBA head stated.

According to Cllr. Gongloe, Liberia deserves a culture of peace, noting that Sierra Leone and Rwanda are examples and both countries are experiencing and enjoying the culture of peace. He added that Sierra Leone and Rwanda are no more fragile states, and as such Liberia needs to put an end to this chapter in bringing perpetrators to face justice. Cllr Gongloe cautioned the lawmakers to leave their comfort zones and be swift in passing the bill, noting, “These are not national crimes but international, so we either do it or someone does it for us”. Also speaking, the General Secretary of the National Civil Society Council of Liberia, Jeremiah Swen, said there have been vigorous approaches and genuine engagements in preparing the draft bill, stating that numerous steps have been constituted in the draft in terms of the developmental framework. Swem pointed out the process is across the globe and all civil society organizations have come together in bringing the perpetrators to book.“Continued effort on this draft remains unbending until we can see a positive act to this process,” Swem asserted.

Upon receiving the draft bill, Nimba County District #4 Representative Gunpue L. Kargon, Chairman of the Claims and Petition Committee at the House of Representatives, said he has received the document in good fate and will deliver it to the Speaker of the House to be discussed during plenary. “Whatsoever has been placed in this document and what you want the Speaker to do, I believe that it will be done by the Speaker of the House,” Kargon stated. He added that the House of Representatives “will be there for the people of Liberia, and this is the rightful step you people are taken.” He also expressed frustration that people, who are to be the judge, are the front ilers of the bill of war and economic crime court. The lawmaker narrated that he is not against this bill, adding that they as lawmakers will do their best in pushing this bill “just that when the court is establish, Liberian need lawyer and who will be the judges for this TRC.


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