Looming Threat Hangs Over Monrovia As Zoes Vowed To Move On The City – Will AFL Capitulate?

Anarchy and lawlessness are grooming in Liberia amidst the belligerent action of the Grand Master of the Lofa Zoes and his inner circles who have vowed to belligerently move on Monrovia unless their demand on the confirmation of Hon. Brownie Samuka as Senator of Lofa County is done without delay. This is a hanging threat that may degenerate into chaos and destabilization, unless, action is taken by the national government in mitigating the situation. Will government capitulate under threat?

New Threat:
Surrounded by members of his high council of Zoes, the grandmaster of the Lofa Zoes has threatened to move on Monrovia and effect the confirmation of Hon. Brownie Samuka as Senator-elect of the County, if the Head of the Traditional Council of Liberia Hon. Zanzan Kawa and the Internal Affairs Minister, Hon. Varney Sirleaf failed to meet with them with satisfactory results. This comes at a time when his confirmation is being held in abeyance by the Supreme Court in lieu of the corruption charges emanating from the alleged misused of over half a million dollars intended for the AFL soldiers.

Destabilizing Move:
The belligerent stand-off with the government in trying to abort the rule of law is a threat to national security that has the propensity to reverse the gain made in our post-conflict revitalization programs. Government must do everything within its power to resolve the issue peacefully with force as a last resort.

Negative Precedent:
Allowing the Zoes to determine judicial action will be a negative precedent that could be emulated by concerned citizens in other counties if they felt aggrieved. Will we allow traditional norms to take precedence over good governance and the rule of law?

AFL In Readiness:
With a straight instruction not to give in to any attempt of crossing the red line, the AFL is standing firm in her defensive position as the belligerent forces plot against the state. I am being reliably told that the area of the stand-off is being monitored by the soldiers as the stalemate unfolds.

This is far from a comical movie, but rather a breeding time bomb waiting to explode, unless, government nips it in the front and back which would serve as a deterrent to would-be trouble makers in the future. Upholding the rule of law must be paramount, superseding all others considerations.
No to violence and incitement


  1. The people of Lofa have a case. `It has been over a year now that they have not been represented in the Senate. In a democracy, the people vote for their representative to seek or represent their interest in the Senate. This has not been the case with Lofa.
    There are a few corrupt men in the Weah’s government who want their will to supersede the will of the people of Lofa. The Weah government should know by now that “power is inherent in the people. All free governments are instituted by their authority…..”

    The people of Lofa have a case. `It has been over a year now that they have not been represented in the Senate. In a democracy, the people vote for their representative to seek their interest in the Senate. They voted for their representative and their representative must be seated as all the rest that were voted for by the people of other counties who are presently seated in Senate. It is unfair and unjust for the people of Lofa to be denied their Representation in the Weah’s government for so long. This is an insult and hence the Devil of the powerful Poro had to come out. I hope they iron this out quickly or all hell may break loose.


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