Majority Bloc of the National Youth Congress of Liberty Party Threatens to Resist Cummings’ Welcome Program at Liberty Party’s Headquarters.

Below is the Full Press Statement:
October 26, 2021
Members of the Fourth Estate;
Fellow Liberians:
It is a revolutionary duty of ours to welcome you to this press conference of the Majority Bloc of the National Youth Congress of Liberty Party. We are forever reminded of the pivotal role the media plays, not only in disseminating information to the public but also in bringing about a wholesome functioning society that works for the good of all.

As the organ of our Party that is devoted to working with like-minded partisans who are inclined to protect the hard-earned reputation of the Party, and of the legacy of our Founding Father, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, we have invited you today to expose the lies and deceits that are characteristic of Mr. Musa Hassan Bility and his group of rapacious followers.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, on October 19, 2021, a group of sell-outs on the National Executive Committee of Liberty Party under the instructions of Mr. Bility held a meeting at the National Headquarters of the Alternative National Congress aimed at putting into place a program for the arrival of Mr. Cummings into the country. At that meeting, it was decided that, as a way of resurrecting Mr. Cummings diminished image growing out of the CPP’s Framework saga, the Musa Bility gang of Liberty Party will work with ANC to execute a welcome program at the National HQ Liberty Party.
The following plan was developed in that meeting:

Purpose of the meeting: To plan for the arrival of the Torch Bearer of the Alternative National Congress.
Date of arrival: October 28, 2021
Time of arrival: 11:00 AM
Number of persons to receive Mr. Cummings
· Roberts International Airport 1,000 persons
Districts involved:

  • District #1, Margibi County
  • District #1, Grand Bassa County
  • District #2, Montserrado County

First stop of Mr. Cummings and number of persons
SKD Complex 1,500 persons
Second stop and number of persons
VAMOMA House, each group to bring 100 persons
Third stop, 19th Street, Liberty Party HQ
2,000 persons (Districts 7, 8, and 9)

Ladies and gentlemen of the Press, it will interest you to note that the decision to host Mr. Cummings was agreed and put into operation without the knowledge of the National Executive Committee of our Party and with no regard to the Political Leader, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence. It was after Mr. Bility and his marauding band had seemingly been alerted that information had been leaked from their secret meeting, that the con artist began sending out invitations to members of the LP EC to partake in a zoom meeting on Monday, October 25, 2021, to discuss his coronation plan for Mr. Cummings at our National Headquarters.

This is a serious matter. One can understand, from the records of Mr. Bility that he will fall for any material that bears the images of Franklin, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, and Ulysses Grant. But what about “Mr. Clean?” How does it occur to Mr. Cummings that he will muster the courage of teaming up with a power-drunk individual like Musa Hassan Bility to undermine a colleague of his within the CPP?
Well, on second thought, we should not even be asking such a question. Mr. Cummings, like his collaborator Musa Bility, is a power greedy bigot of the first order. Both he and Musa along with their hand behind the scene, are on a mission to conduct a systematic disintegration of the Liberty Party and, by extension, the CPP. This, in their delusion, will facilitate the ascendency of the political neophyte to the Presidency of our Country.

But we are aware and are ready to serve them their deserving portion of the fruit from the seed they are planting. The majority Bloc of the National Youth Congress of Liberty Party hereby seizes this opportunity to inform all of our partisans, far and near, to stand ready to subdue the creeping monsters in our body politic. Cummings and Musa along with the hidden hand that continues to fan the flames of sabotage must know that every long rope has an end.

In consideration of the aforementioned, we seize this opportunity to call on all members of the National Youth Congress of Liberty Party and partisans alike, to stay away from the Cummings-Bility plan. As stated above, this is not a decision of the Executive Committee of Liberty Party, and certainly not with the knowledge of the Political Leader of the party.

At the same time, we call on the Political Leader, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, to begin taking stock of Mr. Bility’s documented acts of banditry against our once cherished institution. Mr. Bility must be told that he does not represent what it took men and women to bring LP to national prominence. He was given the stage in order to polish his national and internationally challenged image. Unfortunately, he has proven to be beyond redemption. It is time to show him the red card.

For Mr. Cummings, what a contradiction for an individual who claims to be the cleanest among his colleagues! You have us to contend with, Sir. Yes, you may deliver the promised U$5millon to Mr. Bility in return for the destabilization of our Party, but hear us and hear us well, BILITY AND YOU ARE ON A WIDE GOOSE CHASE. If you like, give Bility all your wealth to mobilize the entire country to welcome you. Unfortunately, that would not, in any shape and form, give you the gravitas that others worked so hard to earn.


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