Man Accused Of Witchcraft Shoots Himself Dead In Grand Gedeh  

By Paul G Rancy, Southeastern Regional Supervisor (Lina)

ZWEDRU, Jan 25 (LINA) – Police in Tweh Town Putu Administrative District, Grand Gedeh County are probing the death of a 73 year-old man – Jackson Jaryee, who allegedly shot himself in the chest with a Single Barrel shotgun.

According to a report gathered from the Crime Services Division of the Liberia National Police (LNP) in Zwedru, the incident, which occurred on January 19, 2023 was reported to the police by the elder brother of the deceased.

Alexander S. Jaryee, told the police that the deceased (his brother) was accused of being a wizard, something he said, created shame and embarrassment for the deceased thereby leading to committing the act.

He said the incident occurred while discussions were being held during which Jackson was being accused for practicing acts of witchcraft.

Alexander narrated that the deceased absconded from the scene, quietly went to his room and allegedly pointed the single barrel gun into his chest and used his toes to pull the trigger.

Police report indicated that the body of Jackson was found in a chair in the corner of his room stained by a pool of blood.

Meanwhile, a 15-men coroner jury which was set-up by the police to examine the body, established after a period of investigation that there was no foul play on the body.

The body was later turned over to the family for burial.

Trial by ordeal, though abolished in Liberia, has been a long-held traditional practice in several rural parts of the country. Individuals who are accused or found guilty of practicing acts of witchcraft are often subjected to the ancient judicial practice thereby bringing them to public shame and condemnation.

However, due to the harsh nature of the adjudication processes, it has been established in some rural quarters that some individuals accused of being a Witch or Wizard result into the commission of suicide rather than being subjugated to the demeaning trial.

Whilst it is true that trial by ordeal and all forms of harmful traditional practice are abolished across the nation; others are still found in the practice and in some cases, perpetrators are left with impunity


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