Mayor Koijee Receives Certificate of Appreciation From Liberian Ambassador-at-Large To Italy
Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee has received a certificate of appreciation from the Liberian Ambassador-at-Large to Italy.
In a brief meeting held on Monday at the Monrovia City Hall, the Liberian Ambassador-at-Large to Italy, H.E. Riccardo Milici presented a certificate of appreciation to Mayor Koijee for his valuable services at the Monrovia City Government and the mutual relationship between Monrovia and Italy.
As part of the presentation were also security items for the Monrovia City Police amongst which includes Pepper Spray, Nose Mask, and Taser. Meanwhile, these security items are meant for enforcing active policy and proper control in the City of Monrovia.
Speaking during the meeting, Ambassador Riccardo Milici lauded Mayor Koijee for his excellent leadership and genuine service to the nation and people, pointing specifically to capacity building and youth empowerment. He further lamented that the security items are samples from the packages that were requested from the City Mayor of Monrovia.
Meanwhile, Amb. Riccardo Milici has promised to deliver the full package as per the request of the mayor in the soonest possible time.
For his part, Mayor Koijee extolled Amb. Riccardo Milici for the recognition and the items. According to Mayor Koijee, he sees these security items as special utensils for security urbanization that will enable the Monrovia City Police to discharge its statutory responsibility in enforcing the Monrovia City Ordinances, at which point he applauded the kind gestures of the Italian Ambassador-at-Large to Liberia for the mutual friendship.
Finally, Mayor Koijee stressed that it is his fervent hope that all of the promises made by the Ambassador-at-Large will come to fruition with more focus in the areas of capacity building and youth empowerment.
Part of the meeting was Col. G. Thomas Garwo Jr., Director of Monrovia City Police, Col. Jimmy D. Wilson, Deputy Director for Administration, and Col. Simeon B. Wilson, Deputy Director for Operations. They received the security items on behalf of the Monrovia City Police.


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