Mayor Koijee responds to recordings and photos making rounds on the social media linking him to manhandling someone.

In a brief chat with the press a few minutes ago he made the following statement ;
“I want to categorically refute the misleading information about me, it’s false and has no iota of truth. It’s a concocted story meant to defame our character. The story being paraded is far from the truth and I have absolutely no attachment to such a story.

I’m not shocked about the false allegation and falsehoods spreading on social media by one individual whose daily bread is lies and blackmail. I can understand that the young man is struggling to recover from his private misfortune and whether he was caught naked in somebody’s wife’s room or not that’s not my business.

I know the individual is bothered or pressed by our presence and all he can do since there is no genuine way of facing me that is why he is resulting to blackmail and besmearing our hard-earned character. I encourage him to face me on the issues and not these unnecessary lies as red herring.

The fellow is consumed with perpetual bitterness which I have no medication for. I urge him to deal with the misfortune of his relationship and find medication for his perpetual bitterness.
I understand the young man and his likes think the only way to win an election in this country is to target Koijee because he is the standing block. You can right be assured I will be here till 2023 and so on.

Click and listen to Koijee’s torture victim explain his ordeal via an audio message he managed to send to a friend via Facebook messenger. Wow!!


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