As a key political/public figure, I am fully aware that the public holds me at a very different and high moral standard and expects that my behavior, public engagements and dealings would always serve as a good example for the upcoming generation. I am also aware of the gravity of any action and statements that I made either in the public space or even in my private life. It is in this vein that I take full responsibility of the incident involving Ms. Augustina Gray. I have met with the family and had a very good discussion.
It was not and has never been my intention to cause harm to anyone or to exhibit an attitude that disrespects our daughters, sisters or mothers. As a father of three girls, I respect womanhood and know the importance of protecting women. I truly regret the embarrassment that this has caused my children, loved ones, friends, supporters, and the Unity Party.
I am always committed to helping to protect the image of my family and political institution. I am renewing and again avowing this commitment. I call on our supporters and others to address this issue with a high level of respect for everyone’s privacy. I also call on the public to refrain from the trading of accusations and attacks against all involved.
In the wake of this unfortunate incident, I am hereby taking a leave of absence for the rest of April 2021 in order to enable me fully recover from the shocks of the past one week. My sincere appreciation to everyone for the moral support and pieces of advice during these trying times.
I remain committed to my political values and will always pursue such with the same vigor that I come to be known for.”


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