Monrovia City Court Issues Writ of Arrest for ANC’s Leader Alexander B. Cummings and others for FORGERY AND CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY!

In What is the latest twist in the ongoing CPP Saga, A Criminal Case has been filed by the All Liberian Party through its Chairman, Theodore Momo against Mr. Cummings and others to be identified.

There’s no love lost between Urey’s ALP and Cummings’ ANC. With both Urey and Cummings throwing jabs at each other concerning Political Maturity and Longevity in Liberia.
The All Liberian Party then flagged what it termed as “unconstitutional criminal tampering and fingering of the CPP’s Framework Document “ by Mr. Cummings and His ANC.

The Rift between Cummings and Urey deepened with Urey openly and firmly supporting Unity Party’s Joseph Boakai for the then CPP Standard Bearer slot.

In its latest legal maneuvering, the All Liberian Party has vowed that This case will be taken to the highest level! With the ALP stating that the Party will not accept the alleged level of fraud and criminal activities carried out by the ANC.

Spoon News Center has been unable to reach ANC Executives for a response to this Writ.
What will be the next twist in this tale ( Political Chess ) is far from predictable………


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