Monrovia City Mayor Begins Implementation of Light Lofa Campaign
(Voinjama, Lofa): Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee has embarked on the implementation of the Light Lofa Campaign, making sure the installation of solar street lights takes effect in various districts, cities, towns, and villages in Lofa County, targeting Voinjama, Foya District, Kolahun, Quardu Gboni, among others.
The implementation of the Light Lofa Campaign has kicked off with five hundred pieces of sophisticated solar lights, to be distributed among various districts, cities, towns, and villages in Lofa County.
Meanwhile, the five hundred sophisticated solar lights were donated to the Light Lofa Campaign by H.E. Dr. George Weah, President of Liberia, as a gift to the people of Lofa County.
With a mandate from President George Weah, the initiative has extended to Massabolahun, Massamai Town, Sawormai Town, and Tusu Town. This is in an effort to foster the growth and development of the county.
The Light Lofa Campaign became the order of the day ahead of the just ended July 26 Independence Day celebration in Lofa County, with sons and daughters of the land including traditional chiefs and elders, superintendents and other local authorities jubilating the good will of President Weah’s government for the electrification of their county.
Touring one district to another on Wednesday, July 28, 2021, the Mayor of the City Government of Monrovia, Hon. Jefferson T. Koijee, made brief stop at various towns including Suwormai Town, Tusu town, Massamai Town, Massabolahun, and Quardu Gboni.
He dropped several items such as the full solar lights setup, cartoons of copy books, footballs, and sets of jersey.
The Mayor who served as messenger on behalf of the President in presenting the lights and items to the good people of Lofa, received a rousing welcome and warmth reception. The imam, elders, chiefs, youth chairperson, the women chairlady, and children all joined hands and offered prayers for Mayor Koijee for his kindness and sincerity towards them.
Mayor Koijee is always preaching the development message of the President while at the same time encouraging the people of Lofa to constantly wear their nose masks and wash their hands and as well observe all other COVID-19 health protocols.
“See me as your messenger from the Father of the land, President Dr. George M. Weah to come celebrate the independence day with you and to present these lights as a gift and as an initiative to the sons and daughters of Lofa”, Mayor Koijee emphasized.
The people of Lofa extolled Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee for implementing the mandate of the President and for the Light Lofa initiative. Mayor Koijee was gowned with customized Liberian country cloth.
Finally, the people of Suwormai Town gowned Mayor Koijee with a Liberian customized country cloth and presented two bags of grand pea, a gallon of red oil, a gallon of palm wine and kolanuts. Other towns and villages did show gratification to the President through the Mayor.


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