Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee has condemned the Liberia National Police for what he called a clampdown on protesters during the third day of the much-publicized Match for Justice Protest.

Mayor Koijee also frowned on some of the protesters for disrespecting and publicly mocking the Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Protection on Day one of the protests after she had gone to receive the protester’s petition on behalf of the President.

“Today we visited and spoke with some anti-rape protesters whose courage we do admire, given the current alarming rape statistics in the country. We were lead campaigners for several years and still are. History vividly remembers the Angel Tokpah’s case, we led, conquered, and had the perpetrators placed behind bars. It was also a condemnable act on the part of our LNP to clampdown on protesters and awkward as well for some protesters to jeer at the Minister of Gender on day one of the protest” he noted.

Mayor Koijee said the protester’s action to mock at the Minister of Gender only because they believed that the President was the only official to present a petition to not his designee was wrong and completely out of order.

“The President is one individual heading several competent lieutenants who can represent his interest at any time, in this case, the Minister of Gender. Government officials, whether like them or not must be accorded respect”.

The Monrovia City Mayor said Rape is a heinous experience that should not be politicized by anyone.

“We must confront it, pursue it, and win together. Our government and all campaigners will win with tougher legislation that can curb the devilish act”. He lamented.

Mayor Koijee wants the National Government to take appropriate measures in dealing with the perpetrators of rape.

The Association of Mayors of Liberia which Mayor Koijee presides as President prior to the Match for Justice protest endorsed the initiative, calling on every Liberian to join the protest, something the institution said will serve as a wake-up call to the national government.

Mayors representing cities within Liberia have joined anti-rape protesters to send a resounding call to National Government on the rape situation in the Country.

Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. KoijeeMonrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee was the leading voice as the president of the National High School Union in the late Angel Togba case that saw Hans landing in jail.

He led the advocacy for the mysterious death of the late Vewou Kessely allegedly killed by the cousin of the former Vice President in Lofa.

Young Koijee has been one of the vocal voices against rape and all forms of abuse against women and children. As a founding member of the Liberia Children Parliament now Liberia Children Forum, Mayor Koijee led several marches in demand for justice and protection of women and children.
Mayor Koijee who also served as President of the Progressive Revolutionary Council.

And Secretary-General of the National Student Intellectual Council of Liberia between 2006-2009 has been at the face demanding justice for victims of rape and abused meted against children, women, and girls. Koijee and like-minded colleagues even introduced an act called the “National Disaster Reduction Act” which didn’t make it at the legislature. The Act sought to protect children and clamp down on the mysterious death of innocent people in the country and the punishment thereof.

Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee

Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee interactions with anti-rape protesters earlier today – Video




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