Alternative National Congress Political Leader, Alexander Cummings, on Tuesday, filed a Criminal Appearance Bond of $2,500 United States Dollars, before the Monrovia City Court to avoid being imprisoned, following his appearance at the court.

Cummings appearance follows a Writ of Arrest issued for him on Monday by the Monrovia City Court, following a complaint filed by the All Liberian Party on allegation of Criminal Conspiracy and Forgery.

The ALP alleged that Cummings forged the signature of its Political Leader, Benoni Urey, and Chairman, Theodore Momo in the alleged altering of the Collaborating Political Parties Framework Document.

The court did not state the actual amount contained in the bond, as the ANC Political Leader is expected to reappear in court when the case is scheduled for a hearing.

Following his release by the court, Cummings reiterated that the case against him is political, but noted that he will go through all legal proceedings to vindicate his innocence.

He also termed the ALP allegation as unfounded, noting that the rule of law will prevail in the matter.

Cummings however said that his appearance in court will not deter him from continually advocating for a change in the Governance system in Liberia.


  1. This is to endanger and castigate this man to denounce his ambition for president. Politicians and politics are some how dangerous. But we should always be aware that history always will repeat itself.
    Now CDC have the opportunity to carry president Weah for another term. CDC must push fast for another president Weah terms. To play dirty politics is so diabolical bad.

  2. God will help us to lead Liberia one day as President of the the Republic of Liberia. Making Liberia first and Liberia last, Liberia at the beginning and Liberia at the end above our personal goal and interest. Liberia come first.

    We will Liberia by example making a change that have never been see before.

    May God blessed Our country Liberia.

  3. This is a very ugly sign and example. This very sample to let go. Instead people from the same idea fighting to break each other down.

    Its frustrating to see this happening in This country. Wooo what a joke.


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