Muslim – The Development for Islamic Occasions in Liberia is calling on the Council to pass into law two major Islamic celebrations – Eid al-Fitr, known as Ramadan Day and Eid al-Adha too called Abraham day as national holidays.

Speaking on sake of the gather at a press conference in Monrovia, Ayoubah G. Dauda Swaray said the nonstop refusal to allow the Islamic community national occasions within the nation could be a clear infringement of their crucial rights

“While there are a few broadly recognized and celebrated occasions in Liberia, it’ll intrigued you to know that there’s not a single occasion committed to Muslims indeed in spite of the fact that the Structure pronounces the country as a common state,”


“With comparative investigation to other West African countries, we Muslims see it as a clear infringement of our principal right to be denied Islamic Occasions; though reliable with the partition of religion, the Republic may be a non-State religion subsequently making it mainstream, but Christmas, as well as other devout occasions, are deliberately devoted to our Christian counterparts.”

Swaray included that Muslim ladies have confronted mortification and other impediments amid voters’ enrollment, as survey laborers have denied to photo individuals wearing hijab.

“People with Muslim names have been threatened, annoyed, censured and mishandled amid races periods and at different check focuses in Liberia,” he said


“In general, they face severe scrutiny in the process of acquiring national documents and ownership over land which is not the case with our non-Muslims counterparts.”

Swaray too said that their businesses are legitimately closed on Sundays and other occasions in recognition of Christian Sabbath or adore days, something he said they see as affection to constrain them to do.
 “The University of Liberia and other State-owned educate are constrained to shut amid the Christian celebration periods (Easter and Christmas) but tragically, the national Council more often than not chooses a Christian Champlain and indeed stops the work of the Liberian individuals amid Easter and Christmas periods, but don’t do same for the Muslims,” he said.

“Other faith-based educate of learning are being subsidized by [the] State through the charges of everybody, taking off out of learning. The over one million Muslims understudies and workforce have been constrained to go to classes or go to work on Ramadam and Abraham Days, or they are rebuffed either by coming up short their exams, tests or scholastic works whereas those from the workforce confronted suspension, or a cut in compensation for watching their Eid with family members.” 

Giving the measurements of devout resilience in West Africa, Swaray said Liberia and Cape Verde are the as it were two nations that have denied to watch or Give them holiday(s) 

While Niger, a common State with 99% Muslims and 1% Christians watches around three national occasions for Christians. Mali, moreover a mainstream with 95% Muslims and 2% Christians moreover does the same together with Senegal, 95% Muslims and 4%, and Guinea, with 85% Muslims and 8% Christians. 

“The address presently is, why ought to Liberia be distinctive from each other nation, or why ought to Liberian Muslims be treated in such way? It is disheartened that our dearest nation Liberia, as a common State with 12.2% Muslims, Islamic occasions are considered an detestation, which ought to not be at all!” he said.

Swaray said they will organize a quiet dissent on Tuesday, Eminent 4, at the Capitol Building in Monrovia to appeal the Governing body to pass into the celebration of Ramadan and Abraham Days as national holidays.

“We too call on all Muslims in Liberia to shut down their workplaces or businesses, stop their cars, near their gas stations, media and other educate from 11 AM to 11:59 PM on this year’s Abraham Day planned for another Friday, July 32, 2020. This, in our see, will serve as a wake-up call to our national leaders,” Swaray added.


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