The Coalition for the Restoration of Liberians five percent Equity Interest in Petroleum Contracts threatens to pursue legal action against the CDC-led government to ensure Liberian citizens benefit from Liberia’s oil resources.
Speaking to reporters in Monrovia Monday, the group Secretary-General lamented that the reported secret amendment in 2019, of the petroleum law of Liberia by President George Weah and all members of the 54th National Legislature is a betrayal of the people of Liberia.
Matthew Nyanplu said this is a violation of the sacred oath of office to which they swore to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution and Laws of the Republic of Liberia.
Nyanplu stressed that the Constitution of Liberia requires in Article 7 that the Republic shall ensure that the country’s natural resources are managed to ensure maximum feasible participation of all Liberian citizens.
Meanwhile, Nyanplu has expressed frustration over the Liberian Government’s inability to take actions to mitigate the economic difficulties among Liberians as the government is making life more difficult.
Senator Prince Johnson says he is shocked and surprised that the United States of America through its Embassy near Monrovia can brand him as a ‘notorious war criminal’; reminds the United States that he has not been tried or convicted of any crime.
Recently, the U. S Embassy in a statement expressed dismay over the decision of the Liberian Senate to have elected Senator Prince Johnson as chair of the Senate’s Committee on Defense, Security and Intelligence and vowed not to work with him.
The US Embassy further described the Nimba Senator as a ‘notorious war criminal’ who reportedly committed heinous crimes and crimes against humanity during the country’s brutal civil war.
But speaking on the Voice of America, Senator Johnson reminded the Embassy that whenever someone is accused, he or she is presumed innocent until the allegation can be proven in a court of competent jurisdiction.
Senator Johnson pointed out that he believes in the judicial system of the United States that one cannot be termed as a criminal unless he or she is given due process in the court.
According to him, for the United States to brand him a notorious criminal is a shock; because he served as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Defense for 12 years and interacted with U.S Defense officials.
Senator Johnson claimed that the United States has violated its own law because he has not been indicted, tried, or convicted to be branded as a notorious war criminal.
The former rebel leader said the United States went too far to refer to a Senator as a notorious war criminal which he said is against the legal system in the US and international law.
The former rebel leader of the dissolved Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia made it clear that the United States referring to him as a notorious war criminal constitutes a conviction even before the setting up of a war crimes court.
Senator Johnson added that there is already an amnesty granted to all former warlords by the 51st Legislature. Any bill seeking the establishment of a war crimes court is illegal.
Ahead of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections, a member of the Independent Legislative Caucus, Grand Bassa County Electoral District Four Representative Vincent Willie declares his support to the re-election bid of President George Weah.
Representative Willie who is an independent lawmaker and a former supporter of the opposition Liberty Party pledged his support at the official launch of the Movement for the Re-election of Gbehkugbeh, a vision that is being projected for the Bassa Region under the stewardship of Bill Twehway.
According to the Bassa Lawmaker, he can’t have someone who hails from the Bassa belt in the race and goes against the individual, but to support the individual to provide job opportunities to the people of Bassa.



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