Oliver Dillon’s Appointment is Withdrawn
…following a political call from CDC’s Chairman, Morlu. Writes: Francis L. Quiqui-0776709869/0886118266/l.quiqui@yahoo.com/quiquilfrancis20@gmail.com

After the Chairman of the ruling CDC, Mulbah K. Morlu Jr. made a strong political statement and also advocated on behalf of his fellow partisans over last weekend, and has led to the termination of Oliver Dillon’s recent appointment at the Ministry of Transport, brother of Sen. Darius Dillon.

The letter of his withdrawal came after the CDC chairman ordered the Minister of Transport to withdraw it or get fired The cancellation of his appointment has raised a serious debate highlighting Article 18 of the Liberian Constitution which states, “All Liberian citizens shall have equal opportunity for work and employment regardless of sex, creed, religion, ethnic background, place of origin or political affiliation, and all shall be entitled to equal pay for equal work.”

“As the CDC-led government moves into its second half of governance, there is a need for qualified supporters of the party, and that the President should give priority consideration in the filling of new vacancies and creating more opportunities that prepare supporters, especially its youth and student wings, for service,” Chairman Morlu asserted over the weekend, adding that if the appointment of a non-partisan in Oliver Dillon cannot be withdrawn, the Minister Proper would have no alternative but to be fired. It can be referenced that the brother of Sen. Darius Dillon, Oliver was set free from a murder case at the level of the Supreme Court.

Scores of Liberians from the opposition blog have seen the action from the Ministry of Transport as unconstitutional and shouldn’t be practiced in the democracy of Liberia. On the other hand, staunch supporters of the governing CDC have classified the action as a great step, holding to the argument that appointed oppositions are ‘serving as spies’ in their government, as they have claimed.



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