Paynesville-The Paynesville Magisterial Court has ordered the arrest of Montserrado County District Number Four Representative, Rustolyn Suakoko Dennis, and others only identified as Desco, Susan as well as others to be identified over multiple crimes allegedly committed against a resident of Paynesville, Cytarus Dahn.

According to a writ of arrest issued by the court on April 22, based on a Complaint filed by Complainant Dahn, Representative Dennis, and others for the alleged crimes of Menacing, Theft of Property, Criminal Mischief, and Disorderly Conduct in violation of Section 14.25, 15.51, 15.5 & 17.3 of the New Penal Code of Liberia.

According to the court document, the Complainant alleged that on March 1, in the 72nd Community, Paynesville, at about 10:00 am, Co-defendant Dennis violently entered her premises with her group and began abusing her, using incentives.

The court document is quoted as saying: “you began abusing her using the following incentives and derogatory languages.”

Additionally, Prosecution said the defendants are without any right to enter her premises damaging and destroying her properties to include, including one Tecno Spark 5, valued at USD$195.00, One Tecno Air valued at USD$190.00, and One Infinite Hot 10 play valued at USD$290.00.

At the same time, Complainant further maintained that during the same episode, Defendant Dennis stole and carried away her valuable property including Four LRC TV valued at USD$470.00, Sat on Dec order Valued at USD$90.00, Two-Speakers valued at USD$700.00 and One KVA Generator Valued at 400.00, bringing the total value of properties damaged and stolen to USD$6,565.00.

The complainant through her Private Prosecutor said the act was done violently and unjustifiably, thereby constituting an alleged crime of Theft of Property and Criminal Mischief in violation of the statute control.

“Private Prosecutor also complain and said that you defendant along with your group of people threatened to harm her as follows: ‘You Cytarus, we will come back at your shop and burn it down and that nothing will come from it. We will torment your life, you Cytarus; you are just a prostitute, your useless self, you are a 419 woman and a criminal,” the court document noted.

This, according to the private prosecutor, constitutes the alleged crime of disorderly conduct and criminal coercion.

Accordingly, this act of Defendant Dennis being unlawful, there and then, the crime of Theft of Property, Criminal Mischief, Menacing and Disorderly Conduct that the defendants committed in violation of the statute controlling.

However, Representative Dennis in a social media post described the Writ of arrest as inappropriate against her.

“To clarify I wasn’t arrested and will never be for now. Cyrus Dahn is a lady who I alleged stole my jewelry and monies from me,” Representative Dennis noted.

“She however had a confrontation with some members of my office, before I got there she escaped only to be called for a conference the next day from the Paynesville city court, as a respecter of the law I appeared before the Magistrate Marvin S. Bah to answer to allegations averred in the conference.”

Although according to Dennis there had been procedural problems during the hearings, she told her lawyer to let the Magistrate give his ruling.

According to her, the Magistrate lost the evidence she presented and didn’t request another, yet they were awaiting his ruling and her lawyer was there awaiting the ruling due to her poor health.

She said: “Though the previous date for the ruling was set on Good Friday a holiday. I wasn’t at fault. In conference after judge’s ruling, if any or both parties not satisfied, both or either can go for litigation.”

Representative Dennis maintained that unfortunately whilst they are awaiting a ruling, the Magistrate, “disrespectfully, rudely, with prejudice against her, wanting to exploit and with political motives,” by issuing a writ of arrest for criminal mischief and disorderly conduct against her, “a peaceful person.”

“Someone who is currently under the court’s jurisdiction, someone who is not absconding justice, someone who attended all hearings and only awaiting a ruling. Summons was the best option, yet for wickedness and without the fear of God and to further degrade the judicial system, did issue an unjust writ of arrest against me,” she stressed.

According to the lawmaker, the act proves that “the justice system is indeed messy,” and her first experience in court and under a “disgusting Magistrate decision” leaves her to pity the underprivileged, when corruption and exploitation are the tools against the privileged.

However, she believes the law is the law, and it serves also to prevent the underprivileged from exploiting the privileged, stressing that she expected her first appearance in court to see a referee but turned out like dealing with a “nighttime coach and daytime judge.”


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