Paynesville-Liberia: 8 years old boy shot a 12 years old Little Girl to Death.

Liberia National Police is said to be investigating an incident after an eight-year-old boy who accidentally shot a 12-year-old girl with a pistol allegedly belonging to his father (late) in dry rice community, in Paynesville.

The tragedy reportedly occurred at about 3-4 pm on Monday.

Eyewitnesses said on Tuesday, The boy identified as Edward Sonda, Fatally shot his neighbor’s 12years old daughter Mary Sumba, affectionately known as Rejoice, why he was playing with the firearm.

Emmanuel Kanda, a resident of the community told the women voices that little Edward is known as Troublesome who always playing fearfully with his friends in the community.

Paynesville-LiberiaHe said Edward was playing with a firearm in the midst of his friends, and accidentally shot and killed little rejoice Sumba.

Kanda said the family had trouble with the boy when they first moved to the area.
He was making fun of her, saying I will shoot you, why playing with the Gun at the head of the little girl, and suddenly shot her, Kanda said.

Circumstances seem to indicate how little Edward may have gotten his hands on a handgun secured inside the home of his parents.

A source said officers of the Liberia Nation police responded to the scene only to discover the girl dead.

The LNP has launched an investigation into the matter. According to the preliminary investigation, sources told this paper that the Gun owner was a lawyer (the little boy father)who died a year ago.

Our source assumed that the Gun was already set up with a shot when the incident occurred.

Meanwhile, medical personnel who arrived at the house early yesterday morning where the incident occurred did a test on the body.
They later told the family that the bullet penetrated the little girl’s brain.

Reports further said the Gun including the empty bullet is now with the police.

Police spokesman Moses Carter confirmed the Incident and said the investigation is going to provide more details about the incident.

Source: women voice Newspaper

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