Criminal Court C has summoned Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue, Montserrado County Attorney, and others for alleged detention of a suspect identified as Joe Young beyond the constitutional deadline (48hrs).

Judge T. Ciapha Carey’s writ of summons is also as the result of the alleged failure of the above-named individuals to honor a previous writ of ‘Habeas Corpus’ issued out of that honorable court to have the Inspector General and co-associates in this case to turnover Joe to his lawyer as instructed.

The Criminal Court C Judge January 19, 2022 summons ordered the appearance of Inspector General Sudue, Special Assistant to the Inspector General of Police, County Attorney, and others to appear before him on Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 10 am to show tangible cause why they cannot be held in Criminal Contempt for their refusal to honor the writ of Habeas Corpus served by that Court.

Judge Carey in his summons noted that Col. Sudue and the others were served upon the filing of the petition for the writ of habeas corpus by suspect Joe Young lawyer Cllr. Momodu Kandakai ordered them to release Joe to his client but they neglected to honor such mandate by the Court.

The Court sees such action by Sudue and the others not to abide by its instructions as obstructing the functions of that honorable court and subjecting it to public ridicule hance, the issuance of the summons.


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