Popular Talkshow Host Henry P. Costa has threatened to stop Mr. Alexander B. Cummings; a presidential hopeful from contesting Liberia’s upcoming general elections in 2023.

According to Costa, the Alternative National Congress top-man holds a US Citizenship which prevents him from participating for the office of President.

Henry Costa added that the 1986 constitution of Liberia prohibits any individual who have signed up for another country’s citizenship and wanting to contest the highest office of the land and at the same time haven’t given up said status for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, the Loudest Voice on Radio and Television has also called on the National Election Commission to immediately launch an investigation into Alex Cummings alleged possession of holding a US Passport or he; Costa will singlehandedly invite the Supreme court into the matter.

At the moment, Mr. Cummings is yet to issue a response to Costas’ allegation.


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  1. So Costa, when did he become a US citizen? Isn’t this the same man that ran in the previous presidential elections? Oh, based on Costa’s claim, he must have been a Liberian Citizen at that time. He is trying to open a can of worms which will include the NEC for validating Cummings’ eligibility. Costa has a swell head.

  2. Who is costa to stop another man from running in an election. Its the law and constitution and the people that will. Why didn’t he stop Ellen and weah from been president. Ellen is both us and Lib citizens so is weah US, Lib and french citizen.

    Why make costa look big in his own eye. Let him try and see who is more Liberian than the other.
    This nonsense about talking about costa or taking his words for anything meaningful need to stop. Costa is not better then weah. They are all the same.

    I don’t support Cummings but this is a complete nonsense news. It make no sense at all. Sometimes the press report things that make no sense at all.

    Becuz costa lead a group of people to protest against criminal weah and was welcome to be in the us freely it means costa is anything you can talk about to speak against anyone to take part in an election or not?

    You guys need to stop talking about costa as if he is of any importance.


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