Pres. George Weah Grants Hon. J. Brownie Samukai an Executive Clemency on crimes committed.

The President through Minister Nathaniel McGill ordered the Suspension of the two (2) year prison sentence imposed on Mr. Brownie Samukai.

The Pardon comes during the Celebration of the Bicentennial marking 200yrs of existence.

“The President of Liberia, pursuant to Article 59 of the 1986 Constitution which vests in him the power and authority to grant reprieves, suspend fines, sentences and pardon anyone convicted and sentenced for a crime has, with immediate effect, ordered the suspension of the two (2) year prison sentence imposed on Mr. Browne J. Samukai, following his conviction by the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia; with the proviso that he (Brownie J. Saukai) will work with the Ministry of Justice to enter a stipulation for the full settlement of the Armed Forces of Liberia money”, Hon. McGill stated.

According to Min. McGill, President Weah has directed the Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) to make full payment of the outstanding balance of the AFL money, while Mr. Samukai is going through the Stipulation Payment Agreement.

The Clemency comes a week after the Liberian Senate declared the Lofa County Senatorial seat Vacant.

The Dean of the Cabinet and Officer in Charge Hon Nathaniel McGill made the declaration on behalf of the President in a press conference.

Pres. WEAH is currently out of Liberia on a visit to Senegal to mark the official dedication of the Country’s elaborate stadium.

Hon. Samukai won the December 2020 Lofa County Senatorial seat but following more than a year, the Senator elect could not be certificated due to the Court’s ruling of misappropriation of AFL personal money.

Meanwhile President Weah also issued a proclamation granting clemacy, ordering the Ministry of Justice to pardon five (500) hundred inmates where applicable.

In the proclamation, President Weah said those expected to be pardoned including those who committed misdemeanor and capital offenses.
Rapists and Armed Robbers are not included

“As Liberians joyously celebrate 200 years of existence as a nation and people, the President has further directed the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General to submit to his Office a list of persons to be pardoned during these festive celebrations. The President has also called on all Liberians to reconcile their differences and transform Liberia into a haven of peace”.



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