President George Weah has challenged all executives and commissioners of the Public Procurement and Concession Commission not to stall National Development efforts for personal interests.

Speaking at the 2021 third Annual Public Procurement And Concessions Forum held at the Ministerial Complex on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, President Weah reminded his officials saying, “he who seeks equity must come with clean hands”, he added.

As part of their job, he urged them to ensure that all reviews of procurement issues must be free, fair, and according to the laws of Liberia and that they should not use their positions to favor one group over the other.

“Promoting self-interest over the interest of the society is unacceptable, so we urge all of you to put your country first in order to achieve our development goals”, he re-emphasized.

The third convening of the PPCC Forum is being held under the theme: “Innovations and Reforms: Strengthening Liberia’s Public Procurement System”, with the aim to create avenues to identify implementation challenges and shortcomings of the PPCC Act of 2010 as Amended, which will inform future amendments to the existing law as may be necessary to contribute to the overall development and improvement of our public procurement system.

The Liberian leader pointed out that over the years since its inception, the PPCC has established itself as one of the most vital institutions of Liberia’s governing processes, and I am pleased that it is meeting to review the crucial work that it does on behalf of the Liberian people.

He indicated that It is important that it reviews and makes assessments of what needs to be done to improve its effectiveness, stating that the PPCC is central to his Administration’s drive to bring integrity to the overall governance process of the Country.

“You have managed to ensure that the already scarce resources are effectively and judiciously managed and that contracts and concessions meet all requirements in accordance with law”, he said.

This became necessary in the aftermath of the civil war when systems broke down, along with the country’s infrastructure.

President Weah stressed that working with partners, they have helped to restore some confidence in the system, while at the same time combating impropriety.

“I want to encourage you to continue your drive to bring integrity and efficiency to the procurement process, despite the enormous challenges you face, which includes meager resources and push-back from some government institutions, amongst others”, he noted.

Moreover, he added that the fight recently witnessed the presentation of key pieces of legislation to the National Legislature in order to enhance the capacity of another integrity, an institution the Liberian Anti-Corruption

Assuring the PPCC of his full support to their work, he said, The LACC and the PPCC, along with other anti-graft entities, are being given renewed focus by his Administration, in an effort to improve their capacity and facilitate their work.

This involves budgetary support and reforms to the way their work is done.

The third annual edition of the PPCC forum brings together relevant and key stakeholders to brain Storm on issues of the sector with the aim of making progress as such he urges them to consider all the issues, over the next few days, that bring improvement to the way they do their work, including ways in which his administration can help clear hurdles that they face with over the years.

“I am further informed that the first and second conferences were held in 2008 and 2016, respectively, and that the purpose of both of these conferences was to review the original and subsequently amended legislation in order to enhance and improve the Liberian Public Procurement system.


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