Press Statement for Immediate Release – May 5, 2022
University Dropout Darlington Karnley is a career comedian and not an Avionics Tech Specialist – CACC calls on the Liberian Senate to reject his nomination because his credentials are fake

Martin K. N. Kollie reports…

Mr. Darlington T. Karnley’s nomination as airport manager is like appointing a Nursing Assistant (CNA) to serve as a Neurosurgeon (NSG) in a hospital.
On Wednesday, May 4, 2022, President George Weah appointed Mr. Darlington T. Karnley as Manager of the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA). Please read the full text of his nomination via this link:….
The credentials of Karnley as stated in his nomination are FAKE. The release disclosed a number of false claims. Here is false claim #1:

1) “Darlington is a master’s degree candidate in Aviation Management at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Philadelphia.”
This LIE is too sad and stomach-aching. The Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) in Philadelphia is not a degree-granting institution. It does not even offer an AA degree or an undergraduate degree; let alone a master’s degree.
AIM is just a trade school like MVTC on the Somalia Drive in Liberia. AIM offers certificates and diplomas in the following areas: Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT), Aviation Maintenance Technician Avionics (AMTA), Maintenance Technician, Professional Aviation Maintenance Certification Online Course, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

There is no course as in “Aviation Management” that is offered at AIM in Philadelphia. Not even at certificate level or diploma level. Karnley LIED about being a “master’s degree candidate in Aviation Management at AIM”. As we’ve said, AIM is a trade school for beginner mechanics in aircraft maintenance. The total enrollment at AIM is 358 students as of 2022. You do not even need a high school diploma to be enrolled in AIM. You just need its equivalency.

Here are our proofs:


Let’s move to false claim #2:
The nomination further stated, “The new LAA Manager presently works at Boeing, America’s leading aircraft manufacturer as Avionics Tech Specialist.”
There is no position at Boeing as an “Avionics Tech Specialist”. This is a pathetic LIE. Boeing has Avionics Engineers, Avionics Technicians, and Avionics Technical Officers. There is nothing like “Avionics Tech Specialist”.
Boeing has a Zoominfo Directory where the names and titles of all their employees/contractors are uploaded as per region. For instance, North America has up to 76,426 employees, Asia 1748, Europe 1105, Australia 1154, etc. Please click this link to see our proof:

There is no name as in “Darlington T. Karnley” with the title “Avionics Tech Specialist” in this directory.
In this 395-page directory, this is the list of the 59,594 employees/contractors working at Boeing along with various positions in the United States of America:…

There is no name like “Darlington T. Karnley” with the title “Avionics Tech Specialist” in this directory.
Karnley is an academic fraudster and a liar of the first order. He is not a specialist in any field or discipline and he has never been either.
Let’s tell you who Darlington Karnley actually is. We just got his record from Cuttington University. He is a university dropout. He does not even have an undergraduate degree. He dropped out of the Cuttington University and traveled to the United States of America. Since then, he has been a career comedian and pianist in the USA. Churches in the USA often hire him to play piano and at the same time, he’s hired to crack jokes at weddings, parties, and clubs in the USA.

We have attached a flyer for one of his Comedy shows. How can Karnley even claim to be doing his master’s degree in aviation management when he does not have an undergraduate degree? This JOKE has to STOP. The Roberts International Airport (RIA) deserves an experienced, competent, and qualified professional and not a comedian like Karnley.
Going forward, the Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court (CACC) will not allow anyone to use fake credentials from abroad in Liberia. We are calling on the Liberian Senate to vehemently reject Mr. George Weah’s nominee for airport manager in Darlington Karnley because he is unfit to serve such a post.

If the Senate does not have any committee to verify and/or check the credentials of would-be nominees or appointees of government, the CACC stands prepared to offer its voluntary services. We have the capacity and expertise to countercheck and carry out thorough due diligence. We are willing to help. The fake degrees in Liberia are too much. It is time to purge fake credentials and Darlington Karnley is one of them.

See what Darlington Diamond Karnley wrote about McGill, Tweah, Tarpeh, Tweahway, and Ndubusi on December 14, 2020. He said, “The Revolution wasn’t for a few greedy people. Let them go.” See the attached screenshot. To Karnley, the best qualification one needs to have before serving in Weah’s hegemony is to wear a “red beret”. So, he too wore his red beret. Please go through all the attachments.
Y’all taking Liberia to be a playground eh? Liberia deserves far better than FRAUD.

Signed: Martin K. N. Kollie
Lead Campaigner on Research and Reporting
Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court (CACC)


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