Liberian President George Weah showed off his latest baby added to his fleet – Polaris Slingshot autocycle. It includes a customized name tag. The cost range, according to Gear Patrol, ranges between $32,499 USD – $35,499 USD.

President George Weah Thursday showcased a new customized Polaris Slingshot motorcycle at his residence in Baptist Seminary Community.

many Liberians are expressing disappointment in the CDC-led government.

Henry Pedro Costa writes:

We are an interesting bunch of people. We are running around on Facebook posting pictures of Weah in a Polaris Slingshot that goes for around $32,000 but is very silent on the imminent ratification of the shady ArcelorMittal deal which will see our railroad and the Buchanan Port was given to ArcelorMittal for 25 years! Then a few years later, we will begin to cry out as we are now doing about the APM Terminals concession. Lord, help us.

Martin K. N. Kollie writes:

 While you go to bed hungry, remain jobless, and get poorer, a deluxe ex-Soccer Star swims in luxury at your expense. A kleptocrat is indeed in charge. He is amassing overnight wealth. Did you elect him to get richer while you get poorer? Will you elect him again in 2023?

The Darius Dillon Center For Intellectual Exchange FB page writes:

Wow, president Weah Christmas came too soon! While a girl on Facebook naked herself to beg a man in America to send her money through soundwave, talking about Liberia hard, Prezzo enjoying big time. This car president Weah just bought and brought into Liberia should be out the next year in 2022 so u know what that means? The 2022 Polaris slingshot is $32,499 USD but with this new factory, rebuild should be around $15,0000 USD or more . This money was supposed to be used for a lot of purposes such as: buying medical supplies, diagnosis machines, oxygen, buying food for the orphanage homes around Liberia, etc but instead, he wasted it on a single self-amusement. SEE YOUR 2023 yaaa….

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