War Crimes Court Debate heightens as Representative Dixon Seboe confront George Boley for allegedly murdering his family.
It was a day full of drama on Thursday during a heated debate on the floor when Rep. Dixon Wlawlee Sebo (District #16, Montserrado County) brazenly confronted his colleague, Rep. George E. S. Boley of Grand Gedeh County for allegedly killing members of his family during Liberia’s bloody civil war.
Rep. Boley who currently represents the people of Grand Gedeh County District #2 was the founder and commander of the Liberia Peace Council, one of the fiercest rebel factions during the first Liberian civil war from 1989 to 1997.
The LPC committed 10 percent of the total violations committed during the 14-year long civil conflict, according Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).
The TRC documented in its final report that the LPC, which was situated in South-eastern Liberia, committed 16,708 violations including forced displacement, killing, forced labor, abduction, gang rape and looting, among others.
Emotional Confrontation
Making his argument during a heated debate before the vote to suspend Rep. Yekeh Kolubah was taken, Rep. Boley was constantly interrupted by Rep. Sebo with a war crimes court scare, saying “The War crimes Court is coming.”
In response, Boley said “Mr. Speaker, nobody can scare anybody in this country. If there is anybody who thinks that they can frighten us in this country, we have news for them Mr. Speaker, and that’s not a threat.”
Rep. Seboe then became emotional and repeatedly said, “This man killed my family members. He needs to face the war crimes Court.” As tension grew, Rep. Acarous Moses Gray of Montserrado District #10 intervene and calmed his colleague down.


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