Security Forces end a long manhunt with the capture of Kubah gang leader

Monrovia- Paynesville, an alleged notorious ‘boss’ better known as ‘ Azonto,’ and said to be one of the main ‘hype man’ of violence in Paynesville, was arrested over the week on numerous charges the LNP says.

Among those detained was were arrested and charged for ‘continually terrorizing peaceful citizens,’.

According to Patrick Sudue, the Inspector General of the Liberia National police, their arrest was as a result to intelligence work.

The LNP said, -in view of these circumstances and attacks on peaceful citizen- Azonto has been charged.

“Along with his gang, with multiple charges ranging from arson, criminal attempt to commit murder, armed robbery, and illegal possession of firearms in line with the penal code of the Republic of Liberia,” Moses Carter states during a briefing.

The manhunt for Kubah began on December 14, 2020 after Azonto and his gang allegedly engaged in an arson attack.

This led to the Kubah gang – looting and burning the home of a family, Gloria Barloun and Emmanuel D. C. Freeman in the Marshall Boys Town road community-

The violent spree didn’t end there. The LNP alleged that -Azonto and operatives further on December 19, 2020, attacked and wounded John Flomo, a Liberian.

Moreover, on December 16, 2020, Albert Logan, a police officer was also allegedly attacked and severely wounded when his firearm was taken away by Azonto and his gang operatives.

“The firearm was later retrieved by the Anti-Robbery Unit of the Liberia National Police,” LNP stated.

Also a Sink or resident by the name of DMX was on January 6, 2021, gruesomely attacked by Azonto and his gang members. He alleged that his neck was slashed with a sharp instrument believe to be a knife.

“Victim Daniel Davis was taken to ELWA Hospital where he was treated and discharged,” LNP added.

“Azonto and his gang members have been on the run but were pursued and captured by the Anti-Robbery of the LNP,” they said.

Meanwhile, a sense of relief had over taken residence of the rIA highway who said they have been most affected by the Kubah gang.

The LNP urges the public to report to it any gang group(s) in their community to help in the fight to eradicate Kubah.

And has assured members of the public that everything will be done to ensure that Azonto and his KUBAH gang face the full weight of the law.



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