We have observed that several committees of the Liberian Senate continue to neglect their statutory responsibilities of presenting reports and acting on decisions taken by plenary in the time frame.

Chapter 8 Rule 43, of the Liberian Senate Standing Rules, provides that for “normal works, business and Operations of the senate” there shall be the creation of committees.
A few weeks ago Senate Pro-Temp Albert Chie pleaded with chairs and members of statutory committees to endeavor to present their reports to the Plenary, which he said had already passed the deadline.
Despite the pleading from the Administrative Head of the Upper House, several committees members including Chairpersons were seen on Thursday begging for time.
The Senate Thursday’s agenda revealed that the below-listed committees have repeatedly reneged on presenting their reports:

√. Ways, Means, Finance & Budget on the deduction of civil servant salary.
√. Committee on Labor and Health on Aggrieved volunteers health workers of River Gee County.
√. Committees on Autonomous commission & Agencies and Ways, Means, Finance & Budget on the Lofa Election budget.
√. Committees on Public Accounts & Audits, Ways, means Finance & Budget, Land, Mines & Energy and Concessions and Investment on the audit and accounting of Mineral Development Fund.
√. Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights, Claims & Petitions on the amendment of Article 28 of the 1986 Constitution.
√. Committees on Public Accounts & Audits; Ways, Means, Finance & Budget and Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, relative to land rental fees from logging companies operating in River Cess.
√. Committee on Internal Affairs, Governance & Reconciliation, Land, Mines & Energy and Ways means finance & Budget. Budgetary support for MIA to fight land disputes.
Meanwhile, Senate Pro-Temp Albert Chie has given the committees next Wednesday to present their reports during a special sitting of the senate.


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