Senator Abe Darius Dillon exposes the Ministry of Education. Senate summons Minister.
“The Ministry of Education by and through Deputy Minister Latim Da-thong says the Ministry “has no power to REGULATE private schools” with reference to what private schools charge as tuition and other related school fees. I seriously disagree!!
The Ministry does have the authority as enshrined in the Education Law of 2011.
Education Act of 2011, Chapter 1.

Scope and Application
Section 1.4.1 This Act shall apply to and cover the establishment, management, and supervision of ALL schools within the Republic of Liberia. Without any prejudice to the broadness of the scope and application of the Act, stated herein, the Act shall specifically apply to:
A) All public schools
C) All faith-based schools
D) All boarding schools
E) All partners involved in the field of education
F) All vocational institutions
G) Teacher training colleges and institutions, except where specifically excluded by this Act
H) All Universities and colleges
I) Maritime and Forestry institutions.”

Section 1.5. The objective of the Act
Section 1.5: The objectives of this Act are to GOVERN and REGULATE the educational system and delivery and management of the system.
Given the legal reliance stated above, I seriously disagree with the Deputy Minister’s assertion. No school, public or private, must be allowed to charge fees for services not being provided. Just because a school is a private school does not give any right to hike fees without justification. The Ministry must never issue Operation Permits or License to such schools. This is one aspect where “REGULATION” must set in!!

Thankfully, the Senate has endorsed my request to have the Minister of Education and his Team appear before Plenary on Thursday, November 18 to answer to the unregulated, astronomical increase/hike intuition and other related school fees across the country. We will also inquire from the Minister about the overall current status of the education sector for our action where necessary.
With God being in firm control, we shall not relent; we shall continue to play our role and fight for the just causes …. 🙏🙏🙏”


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