The CDC-COP to protest against Senator Dillon at RIA airport upon his return to Liberia: For Immediate Release! Due to CDC-COP Populous Campaign, Dillon Delays his Return to Country; Opts to Merrymake with Nyonblee K. Lawrence in the USA While Montserrado hits 1100 Covid-19 Cases ( The most affected county in Liberia)

The National Executive of the CDC- Council of Patriots wants to express its unflinching gratitude to the People of Montserrado County for the overwhelming support and endorsement of our call to demand accountability and transparency from a man that signed a social contract responsibility with us but he’s failing beyond reproach. Your acceptance of the campaign at the RIA upon Dillon‘s return is a welcoming and conscious decision.

Our sources have informed us that with the campaign being a national conversation throughout the Republic, Dillon’s political honeymoon is sour and he’s currently afraid and even decided to delay his return to the country as a way to escape the people of Montserrado County pressure. We want to say to Mr. Dillon, we’re knowledgeable about your plan to enter the country overnight. But get this very clearly, the people of Montserrado County are also sleepless in demanding their just benefits of the $USD 15k, 20k offline loan and the 24k contribution. No matter the scary delay tactic it won’t remedy the situation, you’ll come meet us right at the RIA any day.

People of Montserrado County, as the nation is battling Coronavirus, Mr. Dillon is noted for flying Business Class to travel America for political honeymoon with CPP political leader, Nyonblee K. Lawrence. Montserrado County hits 1100 Covid-19 cases while Mr. Dillon is eating and drinking loosely in the US. This is classical deception at an industrial level. The silicon rascal in Dillon is horribly heartless and grossly insensitive to the people of Montserrado County. That’s why we’re calling the man to account to Montserrado County.

With such a reckless attitude of Mr. Dillon, we want to emphasize that the protest at RIA upon Dillon’s return is on course. We’re unapologetic and unwavering. Our bases are mobilized and ready to march into history.

The CDC- COP encourages citizens of Montserrado County to remain safe, wash hands regularly and wear face mask in public.

“ Let’s Protect the State!”

Foday N. Massaquoi
National Secretary General
CDC- Council of Patriots

Ben B. Togbah
National Chairman
CDC- Council of Patriots


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