By. Vaye A Lepolu

The Government Of Liberia Have Give The Autopsy Report Of The Late Alli Sheriff.

The ministry of Justice has come to update the general public about an incident that occurred on July 29,2021, at the National Transit Authority (NTA) Bus Parking along with the Japan Freeway involving the late Alli Sheriff and Liberia National Police (LNP) Officers from the Zone 4 Police station.

Accordingly, when the officers responded to the NTA yard, they saw the late Alli Sheriff lying on the ground unconscious.

Predicted upon the condition of the victim, he was rushed at the John F. Kennedy Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival (DOA) by Medical Doctor. Having received the information, the ministry of Justice ordered the Liberia National Police to arrest and conduct preliminary investigation of the alleged Suspects.
The were kept in detention in keeping with the statutory period at the Liberia National Police Headquarters.

However, consistent with Article 21 (F) of the Liberian Constitution of the 1986, the alleged Suspects Were released in keeping with the Constitution and Human Rights best standards to individuals having moral influence Over them and to appear when requested.

Now that the autopsy report has established that the cause of death is unnatural due to blunt force injury to the back of the head, couple with a preliminary investigative report, we hereby order the Inspector General of Police to immediately re – arrest Officers Samuel N. Borbor , Harris Monger and Alxander Seakour and process the alleged Suspects and forward them to Court for prosecution.


  1. The Law is the fulcrum on which every society MUST rest! Any country where the law sees that country is treading dangerous path and on borrow-time. Let the law measures all and sees no-one …………


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