The largest soccer trial will be held in Liberia by FUTBICO and Tebeh Football Agency.

A 10-day soccer tryout for more than 400 young football players will be held in Liberia by an international scouting organization called FUTBICO and its partner Tebeh Football Agency.
Young soccer players from the West African area, including those from Nigeria, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Senegal among others, will compete in Monrovia, Liberia.
The event is intended to develop new and upcoming soccer athletes in the region, according to the directors of FUTBICO, Mr. Renato Cuen, and Tebeh Football Agency, Trokon Roberts.

The event will begin on October 30, 2022, with over 400 prospective youth players participating, according to Roberts, who also disclosed that Liberia will serve as the official host.
He said that this will be the biggest soccer jamboree of its kind ever held in Liberia since his organization is thrilled to be working with FUTBICO to put it together.

“Liberia is a talent factory, and we want to look at developing more soccer superstars like President George Weah, who is the only African to have won the Ballon d’Or and comes from the West African area,”
The goal is to provide these gifted young players the best chance to succeed at the world level, according to Mr. Roberts.
While Mr. Cuen of FUTBICO stressed that there are many untapped soccer talents in West Africa and that their program is designed to uncover and develop such skills for greater career opportunities.

In order to get a seat at the top, players will need to demonstrate their competency via their fundamental skills, self-discipline, and physical condition, he remarked, adding that the soccer attraction will be extremely competitive.
Mr. Cuen emphasized that prospective players must exhibit persuasive skills in order to be chosen by the agency and then transferred to pursue their careers for premium soccer teams abroad.
Every player must be at his best both physically and mentally to qualify for the recruiting process since it will be a significant and extremely difficult event, he added.

Futbico is a cutting-edge sports organization that plans sporting events as a way to find and manage professional and potential soccer players around the world.
The agency now has a number of players in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and other regions.
Meanwhile, this will be FUTBICO’s first trip to the continent in search of soccer talent.



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