The Mayor of the City Government of Monrovia has joined President George M. Weah to call on Health Workers to abandon their ongoing strike action and return to work thereby openly creating an avenue for dialogue.

Some Health workers of various grades including nurses, nurse aides, midwives and laboratory technicians among other embarked on a strike action in demand of several benefits due them by government.

Among other things, the health workers are demanding payment for more than
11,000 health workers who are directly involved with COVID-19 response, potentially a payment of US$8M as “hazard pay” in addition to their regular monthly salary payment through the Ministry of Finance and Development

Speaking at a news conference Wednesday, September 23, 2020 in Monrovia, Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee said that health workers are the biggest assets and interest of the country.
He called on them to create room for a dialogue, stating that they should not allow
their anger undermine the entire health sector.

“Their plight is far bigger. They are our biggest assets and interest and my plea is
that they should not allow their anger serve as a disappointment to our people.
We can come on the dialogue table and discuss a way forward,” he pleaded.
“I want to appeal to them to abandon this strike. It hinders the country and
benefits nobody. Some of these health workers have worked for 10 to 20 years
and their rights need to be recognized. We want to plea to you to help us. People
struggling need be attended to,” he asserted.

We need to sit on the table to discuss this. The government remains committed
to ensuring a good health delivery system. There will be no other action that can
solve the problem rather than discussion. I use this time in my capacity as a Mayor
to appeal to you so that we sit on the table,” Koijee noted.

Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee at the same time announced the immediate dissolution of the MCC taskforce for covid-19; however, he said the engagement with community
remains active.

“I want to take this time to officially dissolve the COVID-19 taskforce. The
engagement with the community remains active. Our work was result oriented and
our implementing partners remain intact. We will ensure that active case finders
are paid,” he added.




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