The National Patriotic Party-NPP resolution reaffirming its commitment to the Coalition document signed 2016 and its unwavering support to the Weah-led government
Whereas, on November 16, 2016, the Congress for Democratic Change-CDC, the Liberian People’s Democratic Party-LPDP and the National Patriotic Party-NPP, desirous of improving the well-being of the Liberian people through the governance structure, entered into a six-year agreement (November 2, 2016-November 2, 2022) for the formation of a Coalition named and styled, “Coalition for Democratic Change-CDC”;
Whereas, the Agreement provides for collective and inclusive governance of the country in line with the constitution, statutes, and the adoption of sound policies that guaranteed the rights of the Liberian people and improved their living standards;
Whereas, the leaders of the three constituent parties within the Coalition cognizant of the ramifications should this government not perform satisfactorily, have a responsibility to ensure that qualified and competent Liberians, especially, members of the three constituent parties within the Coalition are included at every facet of the government. That members of the three parties have more zest to ensure that this government succeeds because they are the ones held liable for the commitments they’ve made to improve the lives of the Liberian people;
Whereas, we acknowledged that the Coalition Government has made major development strides over the three-year period of governance; we are also cognizant that this government was overwhelmingly elected by the Liberian people and as a result, a lot more is expected in terms of development and improvement of the lives of the Liberian people in the next three years;
NOW, THEREFORE, and in consideration of the reasons stated above, we the Executive committee of the NPP, by and through this resolution do hereby REAFFIRM our COMMITMENT to the Coalition Document signed 2016 which is slated for review in 2022; and do o further hereby, pledge our unwavering support to the Weah-led government.


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