In 2019, the CPP made it noticeably clear in its policy document that ONLY known, visible, and due paying partisans of constituent political parties within the CPP will be appointed in Government. Not only that, the CPP distributed the government among themselves within the same document.
Do you have to be a partisan of a political party in Liberia before serving your country? That is a resounding no, but this CPP said you must be or else you will not be appointed in government. Just so you know, I am not a government job seeker, and I am not afraid either!!
So, when the CPP gurus were heavily criticized, they somersaulted and issued one fake press statement saying it was a draft. Hmmm Granted, it was a draft, but the idea expressed in the document was not a draft. It was the true intention of the CPP if they take state power. God forbids.
A few days ago, a key member of the Liberty Party, one of the constituent members of the CPP was heard clearly in a leaked audio recording affirming what the CPP previously mentioned in its policy document. He said the Liberty Party would support the ANC to get the VP position and HALF of the government without even mentioning how poor Liberians will be liberated and given economic freedom, especially our young people. Liberia is not an accident. We need to reawaken some forms of consciousness. The CPP is planning our political funeral, and we are still hailing and walking with them?
I need not tell you about the CDC-led government. It has made it emphatically clear that corruption is a friend to the President, George Weah, and no amount of criticisms will stop him from keeping those crooks around.
There are times in our lives where observation of things without stepping to prevent potential threats to society becomes a form of stupidity. I refuse to be one of them. We should stop becoming “career foot soldiers or political donkeys.” It is a moral right for a man or woman to get angry when faced with problems that are essentially difficult and destroying their future.
Most of you blamed the CDC for protecting Ellen. Still, you are now quiet on the leaked audio recording involving an executive of the Liberty Party. An executive member of the Liberty Party is heard in that recording justifying the need to break away from the UP to protect Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Where are we headed? If joining the ANCE was based on its excellent political agenda for Liberians, then that is a brilliant decision.
But, to suggest that Liberty Party will support the ANC because Ellen needs to be protected despite her willful looting of state coffers while serving as President of Liberia, then there is a problem. But most of you are now silent because you support the Liberty Party. A few months ago, you blamed Weah for supporting and protecting Ellen, but the same LP is now projecting a protection plan for Ellen, who is wanted for war and economic crimes.
At this age and time, a revolution of the mind is needed. Recycling the same players, who are publicly making known their intentions to rob the country should not be supported by the victims of corruption, human rights abuses, and economic hardships in the country. We must develop that strategic “political anger” and firmly hold it as a unit of the force to prevent the 2023 chaos. The LP party interest is the VP position and HALF of the government. Can you imagine that? Is this not a selfish interest? Cummings’ supporters are also tight-lipped on the confession from the Liberty Party executive member, who spoke about deviating from the UP, because if it remains within the collaboration, then Ellen will not be protected. Strangely, it is the same Cummings supporters that have accused the CDC of protecting Ellen. Sheered hypocrisy, deception, and greed for power.
Well, I know Cummings is a “political tourist, and UP is reincarnated party of “eloquent thieves.” They won’t go anywhere. The Liberty Party is a “position-driven and power-drunk institution headed by a “kelee” or thief. The CDC is not only a testament of betrayal, deception, and neglect of the poor, but it has proven to be incapacitated to run a functioning government.
If these facts cannot scare you as a Liberian and provoke you to be an agent of change instead of availing yourself to be a career foot soldier as a young person, then history will not be kind to you.


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