Another Arm Robbery Has Taken Place In The Peace Iceland Community, Dolo Town, Lower Margibi County; Perpetrators Made Away With Several Cash And Valuables

On Tue, Sep 1, 2020, 00:31 William Toe <> wrote:
An arm robbery involving three unknown armed men has taken place in the Peace Iceland Community, Dolo Town, Lower Margibi .

The robbery according to the wife and son of the main victim – Fatu Tawally and Abas Tawally occurred about 7:30 PM on Monday .

Abas who was put under gun- point by the robbers told our Lower Margibi County Correspondent that, while sitting on the front- porch of their house , he only saw three men with arms entering their home to surprisingly put the entire family under gun- point ; demanding his parents to bring out all the money and valuables in the house .

” I was sitting right here about 7:30 tonight when saw three men with gun entering our house surprisingly to put all of under gun-point demanding for money from my father . One of them put his foot on my head and told me to show where my father keeps his but I told him I didn’t know where my father keeps his money “ , Abas explained .

According to him, after he and his parents told the robbers that there’s no money in the house , the armed men threatened to kill the entire family . He said that was when the robbers forced his father -Sedeke Tawally popularly known as Sedeke Maninka into the bedroom and made away with several United States Dollars .

” After all us said no money in the house , they forced my father in his bedroom and took away plenty USD ” ‘ he lamented

He explained that one of the armed robbers had on a yellow shirt and he can clearly identify that individual by face . Abas allegedly narrated that said criminal is one Abel Kaba who was once driving for a friend to his father .

” Me , I can clearly remember one of them . He had yellow shirt on . Infact, he’s Abel Kaba who was driving for my father friend before ” , Abas alleged .

Also speaking to our Correspondent, the wife of Sedeke Tawally , Fatu Tawally said the robbers took away $ 680.00 USD from her husband and also made away with seven very expressive cell phones .

Another Arm Robbery

“I can remember in total my husband had about or more than $ 680.00 USD , they carried all along with all the expensive phones we had in the house ” , Fatu Talawally narrated .

Mrs. Tawally has , meanwhile, thanked God for the safety of her family but called on State Security to reawking the curfew on motorbikes riding after 7:00 PM ; something she many other residents believe is a conduit the criminals are using to rob peaceful citizens in the region .

In a related development, the Liberia National Police has arrested the head of a criminal cartel based in the Dolo Town Community .

This criminal who is only identified as” Particle J ” has been allegedly accused by several residents of being in the know of the where- about of the Monday night crime’s perpetrators .

With the exception of this Particle J , no other arrests have made in connection to the incident .

Another Arm Robbery




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