Two Parties have overwhelmingly VOTED to leave the Opposition CPP

The All Liberian Party, a political party that obtained 24,246 votes in the 2017 presidential election has agreed to leave the Four Collaborating Political Parties. The ALP obtained 1.56 percent of the last presidential election that took place in Liberia. According to my sources, the party will in the coming days conduct a news conference to officially inform the nation about its decision.

The party which is headed by a businessman turned politician (Benoni Urey) is the second member of the CPP to officially vote to leave the collaboration. The first party to take the said decision is the Unity Party, the former ruling Party recently voted to leave the collaboration but its decision is yet to be made public.

The majority members of the ‘All Liberian Party’ Executive Committee have overwhelmingly VOTED to leave the Opposition CPP ( 22 for, 3 Against, and 1 Abstain)!


  1. This is not a solution by leaving a group. I am a member of Liberty party even with or without Brumskin. No one can change me in or out or Liberty party. But We have one Liberia. No matter our differences, United we stand, but divided we will fall. No matter the party u from, Liberia need change and leadership not party and people or individuals.

    God’s willing, One day we will leader Liberia with a big difference. I am hopeful of been president of Liberia one day. A name that has never been heard in Liberia politics will lead Liberia. God will make a way for it to come to pass in Allah Name, in Jesus name, in Almighty God name we will lead Liberia one day.
    Its has gotten on my heart to make Liberia not be a party or tribe country but “Liberia first and Liberia Last, Liberia from the beginning Liberia to the end. We shall over all prevail in her transformation”.

    God Blessed Liberia and save our country.


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