Martin K.N. Kollie writes:

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, indicts Pres. George Weah and his Government for Corruption. This international indictment is coming just 2 weeks after U.S. Ambassador near Monrovia, Michael A. McCarthy, exposed Pres. GMW and his government for corruption and institutionalized thievery in an OP-ED titled, “What Would J. J. Roberts Have to Say about Liberia Today?”

Please read excerpts of Ambassador Greenfield’s latest statement (Paragraph 10):

“I say this as a true friend of Liberia and Liberians know me for being that friend. Liberia has a serious problem right now and that’s taking on a number of issues, foremost among them is the issue of corruption. And for me, corruption is an act of robbery, plain and simple. It is government stealing from the people of Liberia, from the mouths of children. It takes away access to health care. It denies citizens their right to public safety. It stops young people from getting the education they deserve. It takes away the future from them. It prevents the country from having the healthy business environment that it needs to lift Liberians out of poverty. It has denied Liberia its place in history. Corruption is a democracy killer and we cannot have that in a place like Liberia.”

I want you to underline this, “Liberia has a serious problem right now….foremost among them is the issue of corruption.”

The full statement is accessible via this link:

Are you still wondering why they are about to be heavily sanctioned? Are you still wondering why George Weah is the only President besides Charles Taylor that Washington is yet to invite? Your answers are in twofold:

1) Rampant CORRUPTION;
2) Bad Governance including Human Rights Violations.

Weah is under Washington’s Weight right now? Can he contain such weight ahead of 2023 elections? A deluxe weakling like his kind who does not even understand the fundamentals of geopolitics and strategic diplomacy will be shut down very soon. History is about to side-brush his debauched administration.

The Liberian masses will have zero empathy for and clemency on him. They will and they must fully account for the prevailing State plunder and mass murder that are being meted out against our people.

Whenever we tell you that they came to loot, you often call us hateful. So, are Amb. Greenfield and Amb. McCarthy hateful too?

Cc. Thanks comrade vet. Patrick M’bayo for sharing this link. The statement came just on time and we commend Amb. Greenfield for her boldness in this regard. Facts don’t lie.

Activist Martin K. N. Kollie writes from exile….


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