U.S. Starts Travel Restriction In September 2021 For Several Liberian Gov’t Officials – Credible Sources Hint GNN

Sources close to the United States Department of State has credibly hinted to the GNN that as of September 2021 several officials of the CDC-led government may not travel to the United States of America for any official or private visit in that country, this move has been preferred by key US policymakers, including some members of the United State Senate, and Representatives. According to our contacts, the United States State Department has reportedly taken this decision due to the George Weah-led Government’s failure to allow the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Courts in the County, despite several calls to do so.

This situation on the part of the Weah-led government has reportedly drawn the attention of the United States Government to enforce and imposed such travel restrictions on all officials of the Liberian Government until it realizes the importance of the establishment of these courts in Liberia. GNN sources in the United States also revealed that such decision is in accordance with the alleged failure of the Government to recognize all of the wanton crimes being perpetrated in the Country without what our source said ‘The CDC-led Government has continuously refused to take action on such being committed in the county.

Our U.S State Department source also hinted that this decision is been predicated upon a recent report released by the U.S. State Department where it was reported that President George  Weah’s led government was corrupt back with wanton killings of innocent people with justice being provided to those who were reportedly killed, making specific reference of the mysterious death of four auditors, and the shooting to death of an officer of the presidential security guide, the EPS, Melvin Earley who reported that he shot himself three times in the head.

The effort by this outlet to obtain information regarding this story proved unsuccessful, as many of those clothed with the responsibility to respond to such inquiry were all out of the city on the President tour, including the Ministry of Information who is the chief spokesperson of the Liberian Government.

source: https://gnnliberia.com/2021/04/26/u-s-starts-travel-restriction-in-september-2021-for-several-liberian-govt-officials-credible-sources-hint-gnn/?fbclid=IwAR19BonrBWVkzBQ2qnW13f0ekI3NHtpSghjmZSVXgjEk3b-RXWs2-rAubDA


  1. The government of Liberia need to be careful with Incle Sam.
    This information is troubling. They should’ve done something about this long time from the onset when Hon. Smith made those damaging statements.Minister Eugene Fagone and Smith Toby is time to talk the talk


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